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Xbox One Sale Roundup: September 29th, 2020

  • MehanizamMehanizam488,335
    Posted on 29 September 20 at 19:26
    Thx to all recommended Tower of Time,Sunless Sea and Horizon Chase Whatever 🤣 i bought them 👍
  • flashisdoomflashisdoom408,506
    Posted on 30 September 20 at 00:51
    Plasma Teardrop said:
    Loads of easy Gamerscore games!
    My thoughts exactly! Happy with this week's sales
  • Dimebar DanDimebar Dan894,612
    Posted on 30 September 20 at 13:50
    Larvi1 said:
    SheBeatsYou said:
    Larvi1 said:
    I see quite a bit that looks interesting to me. Picked up Sunless Sea already and will probably grab a few more before the week is over. Wish I would have waited longer on the Artifex Mundi games, have all of the ones on sale except for the 1st Nightmares from the Deep and not worth buying the collection just for that one.

    Does anyone know if the 8-bit armies collection includes all of the DLCs? I'm really confused as to the packaging of that series.
    Just a heads up that 8 bit armies is the worst RTS I have ever played.
    Thanks, yeah, I rented the physical version of it and didn't care for it but if it was 2.99 for all of the 8bit content it would have been worth consideration, gonna pass on it for now, backlog too big as it is.
    The full set was on sale a few weeks ago for £12.49 but the individual "DLC's" have often been on sale for £2.67 each (and as there are only 3 you can get the full set for £8.01 if bought separately)
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm634,762
  • SpirochaeteSpirochaete2,814,250
    Posted on 30 September 20 at 23:43
    PlayUltimate711 said:
    People complain about the lack of good games on Xbox all the time, but there are incredible games like this that just get overlooked.
    thank you.

    this gen has been 1 of the best ever for gamers.

    people like to rant that the 360 was better,
    but guess what:
    back compat this gen means the 360 is still alive,
    well past its predicted shelf life.
  • Posted on 01 October 20 at 14:09
    Plasma Teardrop said:
    Loads of easy Gamerscore games!
    Which would those be.
  • Guirec730Guirec730408,753
    Posted on 01 October 20 at 14:50
    Wait, there's no discount at all on plague tale if you aren't gold? I thought it was 10% more, not full price
    State of the badass art.
  • Galuda WingsGaluda Wings493,650
    Posted on 02 October 20 at 10:09
    Android Arale said:
    Any recommendations for $5 or less games? headspin
    Aqua Kitty is pretty awesome, and an easy enough completion with a few somewhat difficult achievements. I had a lot of fun with the game and it was a pretty funny idea. It's basically a side scrolling shmup that takes place in the ocean, and you play as a cat lol. See some gameplay for yourself though, I wish the game was more popular as it is a good game. That price definitely makes it worth it though. $2.69 is a steal.
  • Posted on 06 October 20 at 05:15
    Screw it, I just bought Disintegration. The server is closing in November and it might not go on sale again.

    Easy Allies gave it a 7/10, it's worth the sale price.
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