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Xbox Hall of Fame: one man's journey into the dark world of quick completions

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm591,314
    Posted on 10 December 20 at 19:22, Edited on 10 December 20 at 19:23 by Allgorhythm
    This is a fun game. Moreover, it was the ideal game for the 12 days of Christmas Challenge 5 - earn Five Hundred Points using five 100 point achievements. The community challenge made it doubly fun.
  • IronicTyrantIronicTyrant157,366
    Posted on 26 February 21 at 07:28
    If you guys seem to connect to some digital bird within 20 min, I recommend you watch some documentaries (cowspiracy, dominion, earthlings etc) to consider veganism. I swear I couldn't immerse into Storm Boy one bit. The connection was too quickly made for me to be emotionally invested.
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