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  • LouixLouix368,487 368,487 GamerScore
    Posted on 16 October 20 at 18:32
    Am I going mad or are there only 24 gnomes listed in the WT up to the point where the achievement for 25 is meant to pop?
  • FuchsdhFuchsdh486,946
    Posted on 17 October 20 at 00:10
    Nope, I've fixed it and notified the overseer. I figured out a faster way to optimize the run that meant reorganizing the walkthrough and I apparently miscounted when editing that passage.
  • I Ebon Hawk II Ebon Hawk I1,939,571
    Posted on 15 November 20 at 02:10
    I just finished my first playthrough. Unfortunately, I had some trouble following the directions given in various sections as it wasn't clear where exactly to go based on the text. In the funhouse for example, the text tells you to exit NE or SE, but there are multiple exits in each direction. If there are 3 exits to the southeast, then the directions need to be more specific. I also had to use a video guide for a few of the puzzles, for example the light puzzle in the showers before you fight Billy. The walkthrough just says something like "This last puzzle is harder".

    Also, Will and Max are by far the best characters to use once unlocked. Will's rockets have great range and do huge damage when you equip the right trinkets, with most enemies dying in one or two hits, while Max's special restores health without having to use a medkit. At various points, the walkthrough recommends using Eleven, who most people consider to be one of the weakest characters in the game. There are multiple comments in the solution for Survivor confirming this.
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  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto1,940,967
    Posted on 18 August 21 at 22:28, Edited on 21 August 21 at 17:44 by TheOnlyMatto
    Fuchsdh said:
    Nope, I've fixed it and notified the overseer. I figured out a faster way to optimize the run that meant reorganizing the walkthrough and I apparently miscounted when editing that passage.
    Enjoying the WT and intend to finish before it is removed from GP. I noticed a discrepancy:

    CHAPTER 2:
    Follow the path around the barn and you'll fine Gnome #15: Denver sitting out in the open.

    CHAPTER 3:
    Head SW from there to find a question mark leading you into Granny's House.
    exclamation mark

    Head into the Women's Locker Room and smash everything to find your googles

    CHAPTER 4:
    Gnome #31: Tiny can be found by using the hack panel to the SE, opening the door to the gym past the elevator.
    Gnome #31: Tony not Tiny

    I recommend starting from the shows and working your way around clockwise.

    CHAPTER 6:
    To turn off the alarm, walk on the switches in the order of (left to right/SW to NE) 3, 1, 2, 4
    Mine was 3, 1, 4, 2 but maybe different for each play? Confirmed on second playthrough that it was 3, 1, 4, 2.

    CHAPTER 7:
    Head SE, NE and through the exit to Floor 3
    SE, SE, NE and through the exit to Floor 3.

    Great WT tyvm for it. I noticed mostly spelling errors or discrepancies from my own experience. Quote me when you are done with the msg and i'll delete it :)

    *Final note - On eliminator mode I used Will with 4x sharp shooter. The last boss died in 1 stun + 3 zaps from the machine. Didn't lose anyone on that final run and I credit that to the WT laying out the codes/steps to skip puzzles. 4 hours to complete.
    See you in Valhalla
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483281,955
    Posted on 24 August 21 at 20:14, Edited on 26 August 21 at 22:50 by Stevo6483
    Hi, going through the game and noticing a few locations/directions are incorrect or confusing (the orientation of the maps doesn't really help matters to be honest)...

    Chapter 1
    Before you leave, head to the very far SE corner of this map. Near the pool shed and the edge of the fence is Gnome #4: Indiana
    Should be NE corner.

    Before you head to Weathertop, if you go NE of Dustin's house beyond the fence you'll see a gnome
    Should be NW.

    Chapter 4
    Lucas' manual is in the clearing NW of Max's house

    Chapter 6
    You will be hitting the lever switches around the perimeter of the room in order to get a gnome though, in this order: (starting the count from the NW corner of the room: 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8). You'll receive Gnome #35: Falken.
    Not very clear as there's two sections of the NW wall (there is no NW corner) with switches and you start at the West corner then up to the North corner then East corner. It would be easier to say you need to start with the first switch on the left and go clockwise.

    Now head to the NE Abandoned House.
    Similar to above, this house is in the North corner, not NE (that's the direction of the pool).
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