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Xbox Hall of Fame: how mayonnaise made me lose my appetite for achievements

  • geordiedeviantgeordiedeviant1,919,815
    Posted on 07 October 20 at 23:09, Edited on 07 October 20 at 23:09 by geordiedeviant
    I was dead set against dirtying my card EVER with the likes of RATA stuff, regardless of how many recommendations I got for some of them. I wanted a clear conscience that I stood true to my gamer roots..... that quickly sank to the wayside when I thought hey... I need like 15K for a big milestone... and I checked the previous month for UK gamers. They topped out around 32K..

    Hall of fame you say? I could give this a shot. So I set to 'work'. 3 days later I had banged in 37K. Checked the Leaderboards once again and Bond the little git is on 118K. Here ends my attempt at glory... and now I'm stuck with a load of shit on my card and a half completed Reed 2 which can run along and do one.

    Suffice to say some of the 'turds' were actually quite fun... but I'll be happy if I never have to play another visual novel starring dogs again.
  • ShulammShulamm1,900,973
    Posted on 08 October 20 at 08:31
    I love your story Sean. Please keep torturing yourself to my rejoice 😁 I want a new chapter!
  • wildwest08wildwest081,769,317
    Posted on 10 October 20 at 06:12
    I enjoy breaking up the huge AAA games with smaller quicker completions. I try to find a good balance so I don’t burn out
  • LadyNova01LadyNova01347,450
    Posted on 11 October 20 at 06:07
    When I saw this challenge I thought back to when I competed in the GTASC a few years back with some buddies just for laughs and to see how far we'd got. Turns out that we barely got a month or so in before it all fell apart and to be fair I really did't care all that much as playing some easy games(Like NBA 2K6 & Avatar:TLA) made me feel like not wanting to play games anymore but luckily after we got knocked out I went back to playing games I actually enjoy playing and ever since that day I just play whatever I like and not bother with GS challenges whatsoever as I know they will just make me flat out feel horrible witch is something I will never ever enjoy
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  • ChuckVBChuckVB135,292
    Posted on 12 October 20 at 01:59
    I've recently got hooked on achievement hunting and now its to the point it triggers my ocd now i have to 100% every game i play which is a problem for me before i would play whatever i wanted just had to roll credits now achievements are a deciding factor on a purchase i have 2 accounts my other account has around 70% completion and i was happy with that until recently i transferred this name to a fresh account and my ocd took over lol
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 October 20 at 09:24
    i still have no idea what the point of this event is lol
  • Posted on 14 October 20 at 14:11
    Bond 007 will probably hit 220K today - which means he has matched my Gamescore in 13 days what took me 13 years! I can't compete with these people nor do I want to. I did try to boost my Gamerscore with easy games and lasted a day before packing that in. I love achievements but playing games I enjoy comes first.
  • Posted on 14 October 20 at 15:31
    maximadfox said:
    i still have no idea what the point of this event is lol
    Regardless it shows Microsoft places some form of value on achievements which invalidates the argument of those who defend broken/buggy ones.
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  • SeanyMcBikerSeanyMcBiker189,352
    Posted on 16 October 20 at 21:25
    I enjoyed some of the RATA games and still played them even after getting the completion. Birthday of midnight was really enjoyable , theres a few more I cant think of at the moment. This game here is a piece of piss but sure feck it, As long as I have some decent(ish) games on my list then ill be happy. IM only fairly new to hunting on the xbox so for now Im gonna probably play a load of shite just to get to 100k gamerscore .
  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto3,477,002
    Posted on 16 October 20 at 21:53
    Another great read Sean toast
    See you in Valhalla
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