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    Posted on 11 October 20 at 00:05, Edited on 02 January 21 at 02:29 by eohjay
    I've gotten a few PMs about this game over the years and figured I may as well just make a public post with some information regarding it.

    The main questions seem to be about what the achievements themselves entail. The names and descriptions make them a lot more confusing sounding than they really are (it sort of tells the story of the game through the achievement descriptions).

    There are only three different types of achievements in this game.

    1) Bokosuka XXXXm Run

    You will get all of these by progressing through the game. There are five different difficulties levels that you will need to beat to unlock them all. I forget all of the difficulty names, but 100m-1000m are achievement on the first difficulty, 1100m-2000m achievement on the second difficulty - and so on.

    Basically, the goal of each difficulty is to move your army 1000m and kill the enemy king.

    2) Pack-Llamy X Appearance Award

    You will get these achievements by encountering the Pack-Llamy NPC in this game. Now, very little is explained in this game - but it seems that the Pack-Llamy is triggered when you have a lot of villagers farming in the background. He seems to appear and get wheat which is then carried off to the silo on the side of the screen.

    Ultimately, you will need to encounter this NPC 50 times to get all of the related achievements.

    That being said, my tracker stopped updating for this after the first achievement popped. I don't know what caused it, it could be moving to the second difficulty did? Who knows? I never deleted my save and tried to get it to recount, so I'm not exactly sure if they're fully obtainable. - but I do intend on eventually trying to figure it out.

    All of these years I incorrectly assumed that this was appearances that were cumulative across all playthroughs and that something causes the tracker to break since no one had ever gotten over 10 appearances.

    It turns out that I am stupid. This is not cumulative. All 50 appearance have to be in one playthrough. You will never get this without farming specifically for it. However, if you do farm for it you can get it before you even cross the 100m marker on normal difficulty. It is not a quick farm, though. It will take a few hours and likely multiple tries as you learn the method and deal with various crashes. I will probably type up a guide on this later.

    3) Completed

    I guess I can't say for certain, but I think that this is a platinum type achievement - received for unlocking all of the other achievements. This is indeed a platinum trophy achievement. Unlock every other achievement in the game and this will pop.


    It's been years since I played this game, but if you enjoy actually having to figure out a game you should have some fun with it. There are viable strategies and techniques, although the game explains nothing and will seem incredibly hard to follow.

    Each battle is based on RNG. You're units can level up their ranks, but all it does is tilt the RNG in their favor during battles. It doesn't make them invincible. You could have a fully leveled King or Hero character and you could effectively lose him in a sword fight against a peasant. It's important to choose your battles, and use your army to block off and avoid some of the more dangerous enemy types.

    One of the first things I liked to do during my playthrough is level up my King and Hero against the first enemies. I tend to rely on them, and then slowly level up a Knight and Footsoldier.

    You'll notice when Knights and Footsoldiers hit a certain rank they will turn yellow to show their strength. One thing I learn later on is that if you beat a mini-boss (they appear every 200m) with a yellow unit that unit has a chance of becoming a Hero. This really changed the tides of the game for me.

    Once I had a maxed out King and 4 Heroes I pretty much steamrolled the game.

    I also liked to play with two controllers. You can controller the Heroes independently with the second controller, and switch between move army troop types you're moving, etc.

    I went from throwing my hands in the air with frustration thinking I'd never even beat the first difficulty to being able to beat the first difficulty essentially every time I attempt it.

    The harder difficulties just tilt the RNG move in the AIs favor. Same strategies. First three difficulties went fairly easily once I got in the groove. I don't remember the fourth, but I remember making it to the final enemy boss on the last difficulty about 5 different times. Each time who would kill every. single. unit. that I had in 1v1 combat. It was so frustrating. I'd lose heroes, knights, footsoldiers and eventually my King. After a few tries I managed to beat him, but again it was just RNG. If you can consistently make it to him, eventually the RNG will be kind.
  • eohjayeohjay1,204,526
    Posted on 02 January 21 at 02:30
    Updated the original post for more current information since I have finally managed to finish this game. I was able to finish thanks you information from a player that managed to finish the PS version. Despite a language barrier they managed to bear with me and convey enough information to explain it! Big thanks to KKprimitive
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    Posted on 07 January 21 at 00:47
    I made solutions for the highest of the three types of achievements.

    Bokosuka Wars IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Bokosuka Wars II worth 188 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Bokosuka Wars IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Bokosuka Wars II worth 266 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Bokosuka Wars IISecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Bokosuka Wars II worth 266 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    If I come up with any further details I'll post them there rather than this topic.
  • Posted on 06 May 21 at 20:24
    ur insane lmao good job man for real
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    Posted on 28 June 21 at 10:24
    I gave this game a whirl years ago but remember suddenly getting killed, almost unfairly despite having a massive army, at like 2000m somewhere I think. I can't believe how vague this game is about literally everything.

    I remember the very beginning being a bit of a struggle since it's not entirely clear how to exit the first room. I remember the TA team streamed it once and had the same trouble, only to give up. It was frustrating to watch!

    Thanks for this guide though. I will definitely come back to this as you seemed to have explained a few things I had no idea about.
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