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Xbox One Sale Roundup: October 13th, 2020

  • maximadfoxmaximadfox75,152
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 04:30
    sonic mania for me. got it on switch and ps and I wanna get it again for achievements.
  • ClockKingRMClockKingRM747,951
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 05:02
    Matodion 1st said:
    Who else completely forgot that Kakarot existed?
    Not me. It's on my Wish LIst. But I'm not going to buy it until it gets even lower in price because my backlog is big enough that I wouldn't even get to it right away anyway.
  • I Boz lI Boz l791,476
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 06:16
    jasonlc3221 said:
    Wallet safe, backlog work remains
  • N30YRDN30YRD396,431
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 06:34
    Dying reborn and your toy double pack for me...

    I'd recommend

    Super Party Sports: Football, Paw Patrol, Ice Age, Far Cry Classic, Saints Row Remastered, Far Cry Primal, Sims 4, Bullet Beat and Gravel
  • Ar0nP1aYz05Ar0nP1aYz05268,558
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 06:42
    An easy completion but great game I recommend in Pac-Man CE DX
    Aron Franks
  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,234,220
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 08:03
    Nothing this time
  • ASTR4LxASTR4Lx342,878
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 08:22
    Guess who ordered Saints Row The Third Remastered from Amazon yesterday for £25... and guess what’s on sale today for less... ahhhh
  • EdosEdos391,035
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 09:39
    Hoping for an even better price for Bayonetta/Vanquish bundle on black friday. Got enough to play but I'd love doing Bayonetta/vanquish again, such good games smile
  • GMNGMN380,847
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 10:17
    Borderlands goty currently on sale, but cheaper via cdkey site got it for £2.70
  • AzureCometAzureComet94,280
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 10:30
    The catgirl lured me in, but it actually looks kinda fun.
  • Posted on 13 October 20 at 10:41
    M4DE IN W4LE5 said:
    same shite , different week
    Same comment, different week
    Gamer for lifeFan of games not plastic boxs
  • Posted on 13 October 20 at 10:52
    Race with Ryan is the highlight of this week's sale
    Weirdflex: #1 0'13"25 Boulder Harbour A track in Truck Racer
  • Posted on 13 October 20 at 11:24
    Ahhh Borderlands for $10. Legit might finally pick it up.
  • C64 MatC64 Mat1,173,145
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 12:52
    TrueAssassin86x said:
    M4DE IN W4LE5 said:
    same shite , different week
    Same comment, different week
    One man's trash and all that...
    "I gotta be honest, entering a bunch of 25 character codes to have gear spit out of the magic box kinda sucks" - Rista B
  • Posted on 13 October 20 at 13:11, Edited on 13 October 20 at 13:14 by Elite1111111111
    xPut Name Herex said:
    Was hoping to see the Overcooked 2 season pass on sale when the Gourmet Edition went on sale, but sadly that does not seem to be the case.
    Ditto. Missed it last time it was on sale and seems I might regret it.
  • DoobertsDooberts105,846
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 13:29
    Not the worst selection of games, a few that I'd maybe consider but the backlog can't justify getting any of them.
  • Posted on 13 October 20 at 13:34
    Sweet, I may finally break down and get Phoenix Wright. Also may pick up Spongebob and One Piece for those prices.
  • SheBeatsYouSheBeatsYou265,477
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 14:28
    Sega Mega Drive Classics had some pretty bad Audio and shuttering issues when it came out. Can anyone let me know if they have been fixed since?
  • CenosisCenosis172,857
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 17:43
    Picked up Morphite, looks great and gotta be a real steal at only three bucks.
  • wolfsburgrazwolfsburgraz578,616
    Posted on 13 October 20 at 18:18, Edited on 13 October 20 at 18:27 by wolfsburgraz
    Iceman2pnt0 said:
    Anyone here played Rad? I'm a big Double Fine fan, but I don't know if I would like this game. It seems to be a 3rd person action game with rogue lite elements, but I don't know how that translates to the actual gameplay, or if it is fun.
    I bought it at launch and would recommend it for the current price. I like the synth music, the whole retro aesthetic, the menu announcer guy. It's pretty hard for me, I haven't completed a run yet. I've done around two dozen or so and got to world 3-2. There are some accessibility options to make it easier, I haven't tried them yet.

    The gameplay loop is basic, you get dumped in a world and have to activate some towers to open a door to defeat the level boss. There are caves and overworld sections, tapes to collect (the currency), floppy disks to collect (keys to unlock chests). You gather radiation as you defeat enemies that grant you random mutations. In the cave sections there are giant statues that grant you perks.

    Some of the mutations are difficult to make proper use of but once in a while you get a set of powers that lets go deep. Later in the game you can get negative ones that hamper you. You don't seem to get any permanent character upgrades between runs. All of your progress seems tied to depositing money in the bank to let you use it in the field, buying stuff at the shop so there's more variety between runs, and there's a bar that fills up whenever you die that unlocks some stuff I honestly haven't paid enough attention to to tell you.

    It has a pretty high ratio and only 5 out of 1634 players on TA have completed all achievements, so I guess that's a consideration if you're into completion.
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