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  • NetechmaNetechma307,600
    Posted on 18 October 20 at 17:30
    Wow first let me say there are NO resources available online for this reskinned Advance Wars look alike game. It's got some slight charm. No tutorials to it either.

    Even though it was released "24 April 2020" I am only the 91st gamer on the site to have started it to have popped an achievement as of last night.
    It's kind of amazing to me, especially for a game recently listed as on sale for under $5 USD 😨😨

    Anyway I thought I would begin by compiling some (as I see it) MUCH needed tips or gameplay things to save the next person some trouble.
    I'm nobody, but i'm Netechma! here we go!

    //the game drops you off as I said in a full fledged campaign with a limied story and no information on how to proceed. If you're used to turn based combat you'll enjoy and get the hang of it quickly.

    Long list of tips (I hope edit exists because otherwise I have a problem.. 😂)

    (at the beginning of each turn ask yourself for each respective unit you own)

    *Can this unit attack something it is strong against by also attacking it the defending unit on top of a terrain that gives it bonus attack or defense? (to refer to the rock/paper/scissor like strong/weak against list go to purchase a unit and you will notice at the bottom it says strong and weak against, refer to it when unsure)

    *Is this unit an infantry that can move closer to unprotected grey/neutral buildings to capture or capture.

    -BEFORE building/purchasing units check these things -
    *how many more units you can build -refer to the support number at the top left
    *what does the defending AI have more unit types of (example they have more mechs or air or infantry or water)
    *try to build more of what they are weak against as opposed to keeping a balance because mathematically is how you want to approach it for each unit at each turn.

    objectively you want to
    -Capture and maintain more bases and faster
    -deal more damage and/or control more units than the defending AI
    -deal more sustainable damage to their leader

    with damaging the enemy player the last and lowest priority because when following what else I listed it should become abundantly apparent when to "go for a win" and even suicide cheap units against them if necessary.

    I am still learning the specials of each hero.
    This was very vague and general but I hope it helps someone out there :s
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