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Ten more Cloud Gaming titles get Xbox touch control support with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

  • BetaSigX20BetaSigX20585,782
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 15:27
    Man... I just finished playing Tell Me Why on xCloud on my phone last week. For a slow walking/adventure game like that, touch controls would have been great, rather than carting around a controller with me. Not sure how well it would work for some of the more action-oriented games, but it'll be interesting to try!
  • l00kAliveBudl00kAliveBud228,580 228,580 GamerScore
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 15:40
    wow wow wow this is what I've been hoping for...and fingers crossed they make that list of games bigger and bigger
  • EveryBaseEveryBase399,037
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 15:40, Edited on 22 October 20 at 15:44 by EveryBase
    Whoever can pull off an ultra combo in KI with touch controls you are a raid boss.

    Can't wait for touch controls to come to the xbox app. Soon as my kids see my droid controller come out they want to play LOL gotta keep on the DL a home laugh
  • PMS LT DavidPMS LT David404,562
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 15:43
    Hellblade? Heh, I might actually do a second playthrough and get that final collectable achievement I missed.
  • notoriousJMZnotoriousJMZ436,816
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 15:44
    Tried New Super Luckys Tales with the touch controls as I imagined it to be one of the more simpler games to play using it... really didn't get into it.

    Much prefer using the controller and would say the touch controls were more a hassle than a convenience. Although it was useful to get the 300 coins required for the weekly quest without clipping a controller on.
  • OliverOwen12OliverOwen12357,582
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 16:12
    Unpopular Opinion... Touch controls are horrible on any system. I hate playing games with touch controls.
  • Posted on 22 October 20 at 16:48
    Slay The Spire has touch controls!? Yes!
  • fatDaddy21fatDaddy21491,016
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 17:00
    Slay the Spire is the only game I thought of when I saw the headline. Leaving satisfied...
  • LancerideLanceride491,139
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 17:40
    Here to join the chorus of people excited about mobile Slay the Spire.
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  • QuanticJusticeQuanticJustice1,627,281
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 17:48
    XXDeZnUtZ34Xxx said:
    Unpopular Opinion... Touch controls are horrible on any system. I hate playing games with touch controls.
    Don't sell yourself short. :-). I think the majority actually agrees with you. Hard pressed to find someone advocating for the excellence of touch controls. Rather it's a trade between haptics and convenience.
  • IRL Games XIRL Games X758,426
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 18:04
    Heck yes controls lag so bad but one less thing to carry!
    IRL Games X
  • negative1nenegative1ne116,029
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 18:30
    Will never play a game with touch only controls, unless its made for it.

    Arcade games, twitch games, fighting games, racing games need real controllers.

    If you actually want to play them.

    If you want to goof around, and pretend, sure, use touch controls.

  • Iggsy81Iggsy81546,830
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 19:36
    It's a fantastic option for games like Slay the Spire or Tell Me Why for sure.. any strategy RPG or turn-based game, trivia type game (wheel of fortune, trivial pursuit), any adventure game, any other card battle game or chess type game, actually there a shitloads of games where touch controls are perfectly viable, so i dont understand some ppl above saying they refuse to even consider playing with them in a perfectly suitable type of game.
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81546,830
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 19:37
    Also i love the way commenters feel the need to whine about Microsoft simply giving more options to play games as though it's a bad thing, i mean we've seen it before and will continue to see it i guess. How terrible of them, giving gamers options and being consumer-friendly, how dare they!
  • SweetArkhaneSweetArkhane1,307,752
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 21:06
    When will 360 games be available ?
  • MrZombieChickenMrZombieChicken1,107,802
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 21:33, Edited on 22 October 20 at 21:38 by MrZombieChicken
    Glad to see Tell Me Why since it's something I can complete while I'm out without having to carry a controller. And I'm completely baffled by how someone is going to play Killer Instinct effectively using touch controls.

    Edit: Just read the others' comments. I guess my opinion is not unique.
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  • IHeartParamoreIHeartParamore1,301,711
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 22:14
    Slay the spire is the game I've been hoping to get this feature for ages. Praise ....something. but yeah. I'm happy
  • QwanimalQwanimal848,859
    Posted on 22 October 20 at 22:48
    Had a go on Slay the Spire earlier. The touch screen controls worked pretty well once I got used to it, this seems like the perfect kind of game for it - I wouldn't fancy trying to play Streets of Rage like this though.

    Unfortunately the game breaking bug that's preventing me completing my current 5 cards or fewer run in Slay the Spire was still present in the cloud version.
  • vanusluxvanuslux200,068
    Posted on 23 October 20 at 03:48
    I'm so stoked that Slay the Spire is on this list because touch controls for it were my number one wish for Game Pass Cloud gaming. I'll probably try the other games just to try them out now that I can do it without having to install them or sync a controller with my phone. Of course, I have a hard time believing the more action oriented titles will work well, but screw it...what do I have to lose but 5-10 minutes of my time?
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