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XIII achievement list revealed

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm457,432
    Posted on 08 November 20 at 16:05
    WhiterValkyrie said:
    Allgorhythm said:
    That means the game credited the player with the achievement but failed to trigger unlocking it in XBox Live.
    ...or the achievement itself is badly coded but the platinum recheck every condition instead of every achievement.
    Agreed--quite likely. When I see an X1 achievement list mirror the PS4 achievement list, my shoot-from-the-hip reaction is usually, "We've got lazy developers."

    I have no issue with the PS4 version being primary and the X1 secondary. Console games, at least the big ones, are generally coded on PCs anyway. The X1 achievement system--for better or worse--is very complex. Developers must make sure they stay on their toes and understand the nuances.
  • LuucLuuc615,168
    Posted on 08 November 20 at 16:33, Edited on 10 November 20 at 16:34 by Luuc
    I think it is safe to say the achievement is indeed broken:
    Still at 0% unlocks on XBL.
    I asked PIERRE IMPORT, and he confirmed it's broken right now:
    Hi there. I confirmed it s unobtainable/glitched

    It seems the achievement isn't broken? We got someone that unlocked it:
    XIIIFinish HimThe Finish Him achievement in XIII worth 86 pointsDeplete the armor of a fully armored enemy, then kill him with a melee attack
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