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Xbox One Sale Roundup: November 10th, 2020

  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever2,898,988
    Posted on 12 November 20 at 08:35
    Sherlock Holmes was a personal favorite of mine a few years ago. Worth it if you missed it before.
    Crackdown 3!
  • lotusfroglotusfrog241,506
    Posted on 13 November 20 at 05:40
    HolyHalfDead said:
    lotusfrog said:
    Where are you getting your information from? Go onto the Valhalla page on this site and check the 'Price' tab and it shows U.S. U.K. Europe, Canada, Aust and Brazil and only Brazil was more expensive (like wtf!). NZ isn't there but they're always more than Australia anyway.
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    You cannot directly compare the numbers listed as the prices to determine which is the most expensive. Sure, $99.95 is a bigger number than £59.99, but that isn't how currency works.

    You need to use a currency converter, such as

    These are the prices of Valhalla, when all converted to Australian dollars.

    United States (at 10% tax) $90.58 AUD (AUstralian Dollar)
    Australia $99.95 AUD
    New Zealand $104.05 AUD
    United Kingdom $108.83 AUD
    Europe $113.18 AUD

    And even though Brazil looks like the most expensive at R279.95, that works out at just $71.26 AUD. What you have to take into account is minimum wage in Australia is $19.84 AUD per hour (one of the highest in the world) - so after a days work anyone has earned enough money to buy a game, whereas minimum wage in Brazil is R880 - which means some people have to work for more than a week to buy a game.
    You make a very good point, it's been a long week and I didn't even think of that! Thank you for the clarification. We are lucky here that we have good wages, very true.

    On a relative to me only, and not other countries, it's too expensive :)
  • flashisdoomflashisdoom419,926
    Posted on 15 November 20 at 03:33
    Lily Mu RB said:
    Is no one going to talk about the current one-day only sale going on? I got Shadow of the Tomb Raider DE!!
    Picked up Strider for $3 :D
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 15 November 20 at 07:00
    there is also a Bandai Namco sale running which TA does not mention. Everybody asleep?
  • flashisdoomflashisdoom419,926
    Posted on 16 November 20 at 22:59
    Cuthred said:
    there is also a Bandai Namco sale running which TA does not mention. Everybody asleep?
    Thank you for pointing this out otherwise I might not have noticed. Nothing for me but still good to know
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