Game Discussion: One Leaves

Map/Path through Sewers Tunnels & Narrows

    Posted on 19 November 20 at 19:20
    After 20 playthroughs, I've realized the Sewers "path" only has 4 variations.
    I'll write the path below as R for turning right and L for turning left.

    You will either go through the "Narrows" as it's been named by gamers.
    These are the narrow T-shaped hallways.

    - If the first 'dead body' behind the cage has a RED LIGHT:
    R, L, L, R, R
    - If there is no red light, just a normal white light:
    L, R, R, L, L

    If you get the version that you have to go through the larger sewer tunnels, there's again only 2 paths. You know to go LEFT at the first fork if you can clearly see the next fork looking down the left tunnel.

    R, L, R, L, (confused? sign), R, R, L
    L, L, (confused? sign), L, R, L, R

    It's the same every single time.

    Hope this helps, and I'm going to send this to the walkthrough writer, so maybe he'll add these notes in there as well.
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