Game Discussion: XIII

Stuck on level 12

  • Posted on 27 November 20 at 19:10

    does anybody know how to fix a game-breaking bug in level 12?
    I am stuck in the cabin. The enemies want to blast a hole in the backside of the cabin (where the cupboard is standing). They fire at the cabin too, but the hole to get to the end of the level just won't appear.

    I already tried restarting the checkpoint and the level. Please don't tell me I have to go through that pile of crap game all over....
  • Matin MafiaMatin Mafia487,762
    Posted on 05 December 20 at 17:18, Edited on 05 December 20 at 17:19 by Matin Mafia
    You have to replay the whole level again. Keep restarting the level until this problem would not happen again. And try not to prevent the first RPG from hitting the back of the cabin.

    It happened to me too. Restarting the last checkpoint does not work.

    This game is literally the most buggy and broken game I have ever seen :)
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