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Maniac Mansion controls

  • brooza664brooza664274,392
    Posted on 07 December 20 at 10:45
    How do you actually play this minigame? I can't figure out how to actually select a verb from the list
    I think I worded that terribly
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,111,202
    Posted on 07 December 20 at 11:11
    Lol Minigame he calls it haha it's the complete original game!

    So when you click on a word like "Walk To" you'll notice Purple words on the top left of the Actions will Switch to "Walk To"

    Now with that selected move your cursor over something in the game and you see the Purple words read something like "Walk To Microwave"

    So if you want to "Pick Up" something you click Pick Up and now move to something on screen, like the Hamster and you should see "Pick Up Hamster"

    There purple items on the bottom is your inventory so once you have an item you would do some like like click "Use" then click on "Hamster" to create the combo of "Use Hamster"

    Remember you need to interact with objects so like the Microwave itself is closed. If you wanted to put something inside it you would need to "Open" and the highlight the Microwave to "Open Microwave" thus causing you to open the door.
  • LockieLockie477,420
    Posted on 07 December 20 at 11:19
    Yes it's very tedious. laugh

    It's like an old text adventure game but with a primitive UI to choose actions from, rather than typing them out.
    Gaming on the Xbox Series X!
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,863,234
    Posted on 07 December 20 at 11:24
    Bright side, if you play on Win10 the controls are still just point and click!

    You could always switch just for this part (it's play anywhere).
  • brooza664brooza664274,392
    Posted on 07 December 20 at 12:58
    I can't believe it, I spent so long trying to figure out which button would toggle down to the verb selection and it didn't at all occur to me to just use the left sock to move the cursor down to the bottom half of the screen!
    I think I worded that terribly
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