Game Discussion: NHL 94 Rewind

Easy Completion?

    Posted on 17 May 21 at 16:56
    Scenic Route 16 said:
    Do not play this game it is horrible. It is not an easy 2-3 1000G no freaking where close. This game has unplayable controls and it is impossible to score. If you do, the computer scores immediately. You get fouled every 5 seconds and their goalie stops everything. Every so often that BS trick shot works but as soon as it does the computer scores another goal. I hate that this was suggested as an easy 1000 and it should be removed from all guides on easy 1000. You can’t swap players so they just stand there while the computer gets the puck, your players fall over all the time. It’s a nightmare game.
    I'll give the opposite perspective. I found it to be super easy once you get the hang of it. When you figure out the shot from near the dot you can score pretty much at will. It's obviously different for everyone, but if you aren't new to NHL games it shouldn't be all that hard to finish the game quick. Don't get frustrated and keep practicing the shot from near the dot.
  • StevannoStevanno1,009,578
    Posted on 18 May 21 at 13:22
    Scenic Route 16 said:
    Do not play this game it is horrible. It’s a nightmare game.
    How dare you say this about one of the greatest sports games of all time lol
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