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Ultimate XIII not unlocking

  • Posted on 11 December 20 at 19:35
    I was afraid this would happen!

    I got my second to last achievement for getting 3 kills with a grenade, but the final achievement just didn`t unlock. I cheked the in-game dossier and it shows only 32 of the achievements unlocked. Any ideas or help how to fix this problem?
  • Benji0025Benji0025566,972
    Posted on 13 December 20 at 11:25
    The same thing happened to me, unlock all achievement except this one.
    I hope a patch will solve the problem.
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  • Posted on 13 December 20 at 14:36
    I already contacted the developers 3 days ago. I still haven’t heard something from them.
  • builder dirgebuilder dirge1,372,228
    Posted on 13 December 20 at 18:14
    They told me on Twitter they are working on a patch, this was a few days after launch...
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  • Posted on 13 December 20 at 19:14
    Given the state of the game they better work on a patch, but I am afraid it will „only“ solve some of the most game breaking glitches. I hope they prove me wrong and actually get this problem fixed.
  • ArchentoArchento626,629
    Posted on 25 January 21 at 14:10
    Does anyone have news about this problem? I have unlocked everything exept this one (39/40)
    My ingame tracker is stuck at 32 and I really don't want to play this game again from scratch just to get another chance at this single achievement...
  • ChrisD0811ChrisD08111,422,948
    Posted on 25 January 21 at 16:04
    Got a reply on Twitter today from Microids, who stated a fix is planned. Big grain of salt though
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