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VIP Gifting Thread

  • ChooseMyFateChooseMyFate488,851
    Posted on 16 December 20 at 09:12
    Got a free VIP pass available for anyone that might want one. It only lasts 24 hours. There a few games in there that you need for achievements.
    - CMF
  • deathchicken10deathchicken101,190,574
    Posted on 18 December 20 at 17:19
    All i wish for is to be able to connect and start the game. Weeks later with no luck. Perhaps i should uninstall and reinstall. I need my casino fix :(
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw460,846
    Posted on 18 December 20 at 19:49
    I hotspot my mobile when I play this now. Never disconnects now (though, my only disconnects before were when playing War). I get 80gb a month on my mobile plan at 4G speeds. Game is fine for that. I never noticed the game eat my data at all.
  • ChooseMyFateChooseMyFate488,851
    Posted on 19 December 20 at 16:27
    I had issues for awhile but after the server patch they are all but gone. You definitely wanna be playing on wired tho. This game is so finicky with speeds. Also make sure there is nothing in your downloads queue (games updating on their own). I had that issue too. I go in there before I play now to be sure.
    - CMF
  • ZilchMassZilchMass1,046,757
    Posted on 20 December 20 at 04:23
    Looking to gift to someone for the "helping hand" achievement. I tried adding some random but they wouldn't show in my friends list so they probably have to have you added too. If you see me online add me and message me and I'll hop on the game and return the favor.
  • techie76techie76566,832
    Posted on 21 December 20 at 17:56
    i have added you zichmass on live if you see me on just send a msg my way and we can get it for you
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw460,846
    Posted on 29 December 20 at 03:36
    The adding can be weird. Sometimes people I've added and know they've added me just don't appear. But for everyone that has, I've sent VIPs.

    If anyone adds me and sees me online in the game, feel free to teleport to me and I can add you within the actual game as that can help get you on the list but even then sometimes I find people just don't appear.
  • Posted on 18 January 21 at 15:56, Edited on 18 January 21 at 16:00 by SICK niZZle TiP
    Does anyone have a VIP pass available? Coins are welcome too.

    GT: SICK Nizzle Tip.

    Will edit when needed

    EDIT: you can also add me as a friend so some daily tasks as traveling to a friend can be achieved.
  • techie76techie76566,832
    Posted on 20 January 21 at 23:36, Edited on 20 January 21 at 23:38 by techie76
    You can add me nizzle got 2 vip passes and play daily
  • Posted on 22 January 21 at 08:15
    Thank you Techie for gifting me VIP pass. Highly appreciated!
  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever2,018,141
    Posted on 05 April 21 at 10:03
    Would really appreciate a free vip pass if anyone has one.
    Crackdown 3!
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