Game Discussion: 60 Seconds!


  • BigNev44BigNev441,892,374
    Posted on 18 December 20 at 02:04
    Figures with Reatomized (Remastered) version releasing, this version is now delisted from the Microsoft Store.
  • DonkeyBong71DonkeyBong711,422,496
    Posted on 18 December 20 at 09:03
    Gone in...

    nvm, I'll get me coat. - where men are men, and achievements are nervous.
  • BigNev44BigNev441,892,374
    Posted on 18 December 20 at 15:57
    It sucks, I bought it when it was last on sale but I was gifting it for a friend who played it on the PC and it said Currently Unavailable

    I have the option to reinstall it but cannot buy it again.
  • Dampish10Dampish10129,922
    Posted on 23 December 20 at 08:22
    Ooofff sucks dude
  • EaxisEaxis690,143
    Posted on 26 December 20 at 21:52
    I saw the new versions coming early in december and made sure to buy it incase it would be replaced. Glad I got it(it's also a good and fun game. But a heads up for games that are going to be delisted would be nice to have. Missed out on Lumo and have no idea if it will ever be relisted.
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