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Chicken Suit Help Needed

Posted on 09 February 11 at 20:24
I still need to borrow one if anyone can help.
Posted on 11 February 11 at 04:00
Mithodor NB said:
They have closed the puppet show site for getting the prizes. However, you can register here and get the chicken suit, lion tattoos, a dye, and the generic hero doll. It worked for me.
Taken from a comment on one of the solutions; I can personally vouch for the link working. At least it did two weeks ago.
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Posted on 24 June 11 at 19:32
Hopefully ppl still check here - I've got an extra chicken suit for anyone! I've also got Theresa, Lucian and the Hero dolls but I'm looking for the other 3 so any help would be appreciated! :)
Posted on 20 November 11 at 13:32
Anyone able to help me out with a chicken suit? I can't get the link to work.
Posted on 23 November 11 at 13:09
I've tryed the link, about 5 or 6 times now and to no avail!

I'm wondering if I could borrow someones chicken suit knock out the achievement and then give it back :)
Any help would be great thank you.
x SWISSchris x
Posted on 28 November 11 at 17:54
Needing some generous assistance myself - if anyone has a chicken suit to lend or a few minutes to help me knock out that achievement I'd really appreciate it!

Lionhead website says I have access to the items, but the chest in the guild cave won't open - it's driving me mad because soon this will be the only cheev I need to complete the game!!
aj vanzetti
aj vanzetti
Posted on 26 January 12 at 22:42, Edited on 03 April 13 at 15:31 by aj vanzetti
I have a chicken suit that I'd be willing to lend out or exchange for Dollcatcher help. Message me here on TA or XBL and we'll work something out.

[Edit 3.April.2013] I no longer have the chicken suit or a copy of the game.
Posted on 29 January 12 at 09:42
Can be very annoying this one. My brother tried this, registered his game on fables website, yet recieved nothing. I did the same (My xbox was online as well) but I received all the items. Win for me I guess.
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ACEs 8s 24
ACEs 8s 24
Posted on 24 June 12 at 13:46
I need the chicken suit since lionhead stopped supporting the website. this will be the last achievement that i need to complete the game
any help would be awesome
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Posted on 27 June 12 at 16:50
web site not working for me either. I also need the garth, reaver and lucien dolls. I have extra theresa dolls to give out (my shooting gallery prize)
Posted on 08 July 12 at 19:32
I need help with this one, only need the chicken-suit achievement (i believe i can still get it if you are in there and kick the chicken's) to complete the game. Any help would be really appreciated.
Posted on 15 July 12 at 02:13, Edited on 25 March 13 at 19:04 by CrAzEdCaNuCk18
Thanks to a fellow gamer, I've got a chicken suit now and I'll help others that need the "Fowl player" achiev. Just send me a msg and be patient, I work a lot and not on all the time

Edit- Suit was taken by another player and not returned. I can not help anyone else now.
Posted on 03 August 12 at 22:03
Hi all
I need the chicken suit to get the achievement. If anybody is willing to loan it to me, or trade (I might have something you need) then please contact me

GT - UndatedHoyeean
Sucky Ears
Sucky Ears
Posted on 08 October 12 at 22:45
I also would gnaw off my right arm above the elbow for a chicken suit (lend). Any help would be really appreciated.

GT - Sucky Ears
Team Bisset
Team Bisset
Posted on 09 October 12 at 12:52
you dont need the suit ou just need to join someone who has the suit and watch them do it I joined sessions but people dont put them up very much anymore I have the suit and like 3 sets of dolls people generally give me after helping. If people need it make a session will happily join for good rep
Posted on 25 March 13 at 04:11
Hey guys looking for some help with the Fowl Player and Doll Catcher achievements. If anyone could help, I will set up a session to get it done. Any help would be much appreciated. Please send me a PM if you can help.
Posted on 03 April 13 at 11:00
Please help :/
Posted on 04 April 19 at 01:58
If anybody willing to gift me a free chicken suit let me know
Timothy Boerste
Posted on 29 May 19 at 04:03
Hey all, I know I'm WAY late to this party but I decided to replay and attempt all the achievements, if anyone still has a chicken suit they could donate I'd be extremely grateful! toast
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