Game Discussion: The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Is there a reliable way to build a bankroll?

  • WiznyattWiznyatt1,199,645
    Posted on 25 December 20 at 08:31
    Basically the title. How do you make money in this game?
  • Posted on 28 December 20 at 07:45
    Not sure if this is a method that you were looking for but this is what I do. I don't really play the game that often but I still make use of daily logins. I think if you log in consecutively you get ~1-4k chips for getting on, spin the big daily wheel, check your tasks, I try to do them if they aren't something like earning rep at the big 6 wheel. Also in the tasks menu you can get your daily reward from the calendar. It can give you things like rp, guest passes, chips, and extra daily spins.

    Imo it is a good way to make chips passively.
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw461,265
    Posted on 29 December 20 at 03:58, Edited on 29 December 20 at 03:59 by planchetflaw
    My suggestion is to treat this as a very casual game to start with. Log in once a day (don't forget you have to ACTIVELY select the daily reward in the Tasks window on the right) and do the dailies/weeklies/monthlies. At the same time as doing them collect your 250 hidden chips/present and 250 ATM chips when they come up. And do the daily spin. Most I won on that was somewhere around 20 to 30k. But it's usually 1k to 3k.

    You start the game with around 10k chips. To make bank in this game I found you need to have a good buffer for the bad cycles. I'd suggest not playing hard until at least 100k in bank. Even then, I'd recommend 200k.

    If you're good at poker you can play that as I find a lot of people aren't patient and if you only go in to hands intelligently you will outlast most players. The rest of the games are more RNG. You will have cycles of wins and big losses. That's why you should have some buffer bank.

    If going for achievements involving slots etc. Just do minimum bets.

    Ultimately, if you're patient and can build up 1 million chips, you can bet big on certain games. I'd recommend VIP 2 access for high rollers where betting on a single number in roulette at 40k gives a 1.4m win. Again, risky as hell. But if you've got 1m it's possible. I got up to 7.6m off 1m on roulette one day. But then wound that down to 5m before stopping. So it can have a huge swing.

    My other favourite which I find good for RP generation is 888 Slots at 10k bets per spin. I can get up to 750k for big win spins. You get 7 free games for 3 bonus icons, and like 21 games for 4 bonus icons. And you can get free games in free games. The substitute is also generous for big wins when it connects.

    DO NOT play the progressive hoping to get the multimillion pay down. The machine is crap. I feel like the winter theme is even worse!

    If you have a turbo controller you can turbo the A button on the Treasure Trap machine at 100 to 500 chip bets. It generally stays close to even after long periods and you'll work towards the really grindy (probably grindiest achievement) Path More Travelled achievement. While earning RP.

    If you want to spend money in this game, I would not buy chips. I'd buy the Bingo auto dabbers. You earn RP on Bingo no matter win or lose. And it's a fair amount vs the price. If you have a turbo controller, you can have A pressed and it will buy in every game and auto daub every number. It won't call Bingo so you will not make credit. But you will earn RP to level up for Nobility purposes. So use this method only if you have some chips in reserve. I currently have around 3 million and if I were to run Bingo for 3 or 4 hours I'd only be down about 50 to 70k which I can make back on a red or black roulette call. So Nobility is really not hard to achieve. It can be done AFK. But it will take time. And it requires a 5 dollar auto dauber purchase with that method.

    If you buy chips, I think you'll generally burn through them. Building them up with dailies etc I think will make you respect your bank more and thus play more intelligently.

    This is not a fast game. If you're going for 100% there is no point buying chips in my eyes. The true currency in terms of achievements to complete the game is actually RP. And you'll need a lot of it.

    It's a casino simulator. The house will eventually come out on top. That's why only Poker could be skilled. So do your dailies. Treat it casually. I always have a casual game going on (I. E. Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Solitaire, Forza Street, etc) that I know could take a year + to complete. If I go into it with that mentality, then I have no frustrations.

    People complain that you need xxx dollars to reach Nobility ranks. That's not true. It is if you want to get to them fast. The game is one month old for xbox. You need to play for a year to get the seasonal slots achievement. Why rush? You could probably reach Nobility each 3 months. And you need to get Nobility 5 to finish the achievements. So that's not that much longer than the seasonal achievement. No point aggressively going for Nobility considering that 1 year achievement.
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