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The best free Xbox One games: 2020 edition

  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 13:10
    Greatness doesn't have to be expensive. Hell, it doesn't need to cost a single penny. Check out our rundown of the free-to-play Xbox One games that are most worthy of your time...

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  • Dr MartyDr Marty833,726
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 13:23
    Excited for the "it's not really free, because you have to pay for this or that" comments.
  • supkrissupkris1,052,859
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 13:27
    Excellent article for someone new to Xbox or consoles. Krogan is a fun free game and easy completion too. Kings tale final fantasy and kings quest are good free games too.
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 13:30
    PSO2 should be done with achievement updates, I would think. Our list now matches the JP PS list.
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  • brooza664brooza664317,986
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 13:34
    Shame Killer Instinct doesn't get a mention
    I think I worded that terribly
  • vSullyvSully1,138,095
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 13:50, Edited on 27 December 20 at 14:53 by vSully
    I've had a great time with Eternal for two years at this point. Constant updates with new achievements and FtP but pay to accelerate, which I never needed to do. It's the best game IMO for someone who likes Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone.
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 14:33
    PoE is great and very long, definitely recommend. Only other game on here I can recommend is CoD Warzone. It's your typically CoD with all the hacks and frustration, but done well. Fallout Shelter is also good, but got repetitive quickly for me. The others that I've played I couldn't get into and those I haven't tried I have no desire.
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  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah1,171,347
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 15:00
    You guys can remove World of Tanks from this list, the last update completely ruined the game. Literally 7 years of progress and advancement got nuked. The Devs changed so much it's crazy. It's unrecognizable at this point, like is this World of Tanks or some shitty War Thunder wannabe? ... I had a 25 skill crew, literally took me years and a good 10,000 battles with the same crew to get to that point and they just wiped it. For everyone... the commander system got overhauled and those dipshits just wiped everything. The whole IU is a mess, I could go on but there is no point, game is a joke.
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  • HybridchldHybridchld989,799
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 15:05
    Well, except maybe Apple.

    Haha that had to be in there laugh
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 15:44
    So many of these I want to try out. Free or not. But I doubt I ever will. Just too time intensive. (Destiny 2 is the only one I played, when it wasn't free and it took about 2000 hours from me between 1 and 2). I read an interview about Path of Exile in PC gamers a few months back and it sounds amazing. Pretty much the sequel to Diablo 2 people actually wanted. Apex I might try. Respawn make super great feeling FPS. I tried Rocket League WAY back when it first launched. 100% not my cup of tea.
    Cool story bro.
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 15:57
    Dauntless is probably the best game here, loving it so far, and love the rario. The grind puts a lot of people off and I'm basking in it.
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  • AstariahAstariah1,180,255
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 16:02
    pso 2 sucks
    If you love old retro games with achievements, is where I go and chrono trigger there has achievements
  • HuwCW87HuwCW87184,287
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 16:34
    Bless is out on playstation now so this should be updated.
  • XwolfanXXwolfanX710,102
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 17:09
    Wot is a big pile of hot shit atm doesnt deserv to be in this list.
    ^ this guy, what can you spect from a GT like this
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 17:18
    Gems of war not getting mentioned is criminal. I'm currently having a lot of fun with minion masters, would recommend that highly.
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 17:34
    Great article.
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  • MA3LSTR0M808MA3LSTR0M808911,292
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 17:37
    no LOA? Criminal laugh
  • DubstepEdgelordDubstepEdgelord1,618,724
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 17:51
    The only game I can recommend on this list is Brawlhalla, Fallout Shelter is alright, and either I have not played the other games or they have been ruined over time by devs making greedy and terrible decisions. Spellbreak was never good.
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  • Tatl360Tatl360333,176
    Posted on 27 December 20 at 18:33
    Where's Tera?
  • Posted on 27 December 20 at 18:46
    Rocket League is fantastic.
    Love Title Updates, new achievements without ever spending a dime.
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