Game Discussion: KAUIL’S TREASURE

Kauil's Treasure - 100% Achievement Walkthrough + Commentary

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    Posted on 08 January 21 at 23:54, Edited on 09 January 21 at 22:06 by keoskey
    Just stating that the achievements for 3 kill and getting all collectables might be bugged. They both did not unlock on my first play-through had to start a new game and recollect collectable and redo the 3 kills to get them to unlock.
  • Posted on 17 February 21 at 12:30
    There's some glitches with using saves.
    I believe you can save and still get the "no deaths" one by reloading saves if you die, but that seems to affect the collectables.
    So either, don't die or it might be a minimum of two runs
    Bean me up Scotty!
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