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Trouble hooking up 2 external HDs

  • TayJK BunsenTayJK Bunsen269,494
    Posted on 13 January 21 at 18:13
    I have 2 5 TB external hard drives (both My Passport Ultras), but when I try to hook up both at the same time, I get the following error:

    Try another USB port or Cable
    We see your external storage, but the connection is too weak to use. (0x8082000d)

    I can install and transfer games just fine, but not play them. It appears the generic USB C cable I got from my local Walgreens is the problem, but I want to confirm that before going out to buy a hopefully better one from Best Buy.

    Is my problem just a poor quality cable? How do I tell good quality cables from bad ones?
  • MsrossMsross766,534
    Posted on 13 January 21 at 20:55
    Probably the Cable.. Ive got 2 HDDs attached to an xbox-s (a 4TB HHD on one of the rear ports, and a 500Gb SDD on the front USB)

    The initial SSD to USB connector for the SSD I was using, didnt let the xbox see it as fast enough.. a replacement adapter solved that.

    so yeah. cable problems.... How to tell good quality from bad? buy a from a reputable location.
  • TayJK BunsenTayJK Bunsen269,494
    Posted on 13 January 21 at 21:13
    Thanks Msross. I'll head to Best Buy later today and get a new 1 ft USB-C cable and put the 3 foot one from Walgreens with my spares for recharging my phone.
  • TayJK BunsenTayJK Bunsen269,494
    Posted on 14 January 21 at 01:49
    Unfortunately, Best Buy didn't have any 1 foot cables. So I got a high quality 1 meter cable (I could have gotten a three pack of 3 foot cables for a few bucks cheaper, but I don't need that many and was told the brand I got (Belkin) I got was high quality).

    Now I can play games from both my external hard drives!

    Thanks again Msross.
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