Game Discussion: Totally Reliable Delivery Service

need a team to boost

  • jj6yjj6y332,397
    Posted on 15 January 21 at 09:58
    wouldn’t let me make a session so reply if u want to join

    looking for people who are decent at the game and need to finish the story of the game

    looking to do all the achievements probably wont be done in one session but maybe a few

    mic isn’t required + i dont have one cause i cant find a replacement for my headset
  • LockieLockie743,980
    Posted on 18 January 21 at 22:24
    It's not too hard to complete the game solo if you use a helicopter for most of the missions. Just FYI.
    Gaming on the Xbox Series X!
  • Posted on 01 February 21 at 10:26
    I'm up for it. I can't get used to the controls, let alone pilot a helicopter. I'll take any help I can get for the 50 golds needed for the UFO. Weekends preferred.
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