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Desperados III, Cyber Shadow, and more coming soon to Xbox Game Pass

  • ClockwerksClockwerks914,551
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 16:47
    CLARION 85 said:
    Clockwerks said:
    I can't wait for Cyber Shadow.
    Awesome Game...Gonna be a really hard completion
    Speedrun 3 hr and fx completing Game without Upgrades and some other stuff on Bosses
    Yeah, I assumed there would be some tricky achievements (including a speedrun) based on how Shovel Knight's list was. That being said, I was hoping it wasn't a cakewalk either way. smile
  • SuperPed13SuperPed13510,096
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 16:48
    I have no plans to play any but its nice it gets the approval of the ta community
  • Posted on 19 January 21 at 17:01
    Nearly bought Desperados a bit ago. Glad I held off now. Gamepass is the gift that keeps on giving.
    Going for gamerscore. iiAssassinXxii
  • fbnaulinfbnaulin78,440
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 17:02, Edited on 19 January 21 at 17:10 by fbnaulin
    Yes! So good! I wanted to play Desperados III and Cyber Shadow.
  • ArDPalangArDPalang585,967
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 17:07
    Desperados 3 for me, thank you!
  • Grumpy BakeGrumpy Bake418,583
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 17:31
    I've been so close to buying Desperados III several times when it's been on sale. I'll try and squeeze in a few hours of it when I'm not playing Hitman III and if it's good, I'll buy it next time it's £30 or less. I actually ended up noticing it after playing Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun which I played on Game Pass and loved so much I bought it so I didn't have to try and finish it before it left the service.
  • Posted on 19 January 21 at 17:36
    Excited for The Medium, been looking forward to it ever since it was announced
  • DrySpongeYTDrySpongeYT122,470
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 17:56
    Desperados 3 sounds great. Commandos 2 gameplay with cowboy visuals, hell yeah
  • J PinderJ Pinder577,954
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 18:38
    I've been eyeing Donut County for a while now, hoping it would come to Game Pass. Seemed like a prime candidate based on past inclusions like Untitled Goose Game. This'll be awesome.
  • GoyetteQCGoyetteQC784,783
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 18:54
    Nothing for me this month. Might play The Medium when I manage to get a hold of a Series X. Project Winter could be fun too I guess.
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  • Posted on 19 January 21 at 19:03
    Of course Desperados joins Game Pass. It's because I just bought it.
  • Posted on 19 January 21 at 19:09
    I feel inclined to share my love for Donut Country as well, it's by far one of the most fun games I've played this gen.
  • Boots OrionBoots Orion758,968
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 19:15
    BlackxRyan said:
    Great timing for Donut County as I'm missing less than 1,000GS for the 10k challenge

    I was thinking the same thing.
    This comment has been approved by Boots Orion.
  • LavindatharLavindathar1,880,464
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 19:20
    Desperados 3 was my GotY last year.
  • Posted on 19 January 21 at 19:39
    Donut County was a wonderful relaxing game. Highly recommend it. Easy completion.
    This space for rent.
  • Cr4zXCr4zX1,311,766
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 20:34
    Desperados III clap
  • Inferno118Inferno1182,159,373
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 20:52
    I wonder why the Cyber Shadow achievement hasn’t been released yet, the achievements unlock fine on Xbox
  • Posted on 19 January 21 at 21:09
    Happy to see Desperados III join Game Pass.

    A lot happier to see it’s console and PC.
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  • Smudgenat0rSmudgenat0r743,188
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 21:24
    Recommend Desperados 3 to everyone, a criminally underrated game.
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  • zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzzDrUnKeNMoNkEyz1,087,880
    Posted on 19 January 21 at 21:46
    Desperados lll! rock
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