Game Discussion: Roombo: First Blood

Anyone else stuck tracker on kill 50 burglars?

  • LakeshowLakeshow2,271,096
    Posted on 06 February 21 at 03:16
    Kill 50 burglars achievement stuck at 86% for me. Have tried quiting, reinstalling, deleting save and won't budge.
  • LakeshowLakeshow2,271,096
    Posted on 06 February 21 at 04:00
    Ok, was able to unlock after all. Had to delete my save and start from beginning and get the 50 kills over again. Not too bad considering how short the game is, but just a word of warning.
  • NutriWhipNutriWhip2,458,727
    Posted on 06 February 21 at 04:12
    I had mine get stuck at 88%. I was grinding out the kills and my controls stopped responding. Rebooted the game and the tracker stopped moving. Currently grinding out the kills again. roll
  • NutriWhipNutriWhip2,458,727
    Posted on 06 February 21 at 04:46, Edited on 06 February 21 at 05:24 by NutriWhip
    I got hit with the controls not responding again! angry I'll have to reboot the game and I have no way to know if my tracker is moving as it won't progress until I get another 44 kills again. angry Absolute garbage game.

    Edit: I finally unlocked it on my third run through. What a stain on what is a somewhat decent little game.
  • NappydugoutNappydugout557,958
    Posted on 06 February 21 at 23:08
    Same here, my tracker was stuck at 80% and experienced the bug with controls not responding. At one point the burglars were invisible due to another bug, quitting to the main menu got rid of it. Deleted my save file from everywhere and did another 50 kills to unlock.
  • FoogaFooga1,815,720
    Posted on 12 February 21 at 02:27
    Movement bug happened to me when I was at about 95%, but I didn't have to delete my save after I rebooted. Figured I would have to start all over, but I only needed around 10-12 kills. I did however back out to the main menu at some point before, so I think it might save your kills if you do that.
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