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Achievements not Unlocking

  • JewhackJewhack1,007,830
    Posted on 08 February 21 at 16:36, Edited on 09 February 21 at 10:56 by Jewhack
    I was wondering anyone else was experiencing issues with achievements unlocking correctly.

    Both the "Novice Gambler" and "Welcome to SEGA" achievements did not unlock for me when the criteria was met several times. Upon quitting the game and starting it up again both popped at the title screen.

    So far the "Substory Novice" achievement has not popped for me despite completing 11 substories.
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,125,352
    Posted on 08 February 21 at 20:29
    What console are you on?
  • jayleenejayleene210,408
    Posted on 08 February 21 at 23:20
    Yes, I have the same issue with "Substory Novice".
  • JewhackJewhack1,007,830
    Posted on 09 February 21 at 10:56
    New Paralyzer said:
    What console are you on?
    I'm playing on a Series X
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,125,352
    Posted on 10 February 21 at 10:03
    Are you quick resuming the game? I've notice the feature is breaking Achievement pops on certain games. I've fallen victim myself
  • Apostle92627Apostle92627457,211
    Posted on 10 February 21 at 16:11
    I had an issue with the trophy one. I reloaded, tried again, and it unlocked.
  • tommijetommije52,242
    Posted on 11 February 21 at 07:43, Edited on 11 February 21 at 08:11 by tommije
    Having the same issue, first two main story related achievements did not pop. Another achievement (Open 5 lockers) did unlock just fine next day.

    Replayed story part one and it still did unlock the achievement. Darn.
  • CrimsonverseCrimsonverse783,964
    Posted on 15 February 21 at 02:11, Edited on 16 February 21 at 00:16 by Crimsonverse
    Business Card Hunter and Emblem Collector did not unlock for me, which is rather annoying because I REALLY don't want to go through all the hostess stuff again.

    I'm on base Xbox One, and I haven't resumed the game at all, I always quit out of it after I've finished playing.

    EDIT: I finally got the two achievements in question. I was able to obtain Emblem Collector by reloading a previous save. It is possible that you may need 10 Gang Emblems on you for this achievement to unlock.

    For Business Card Hunter, I had to visit one of the hostess clubs as someone other than Kiryu, then select "No Preference". (Funnily enough, this was a bug in the original release of Yakuza 4 as well!)
  • headXcrashheadXcrash167,104
    Posted on 15 February 21 at 04:21
    hat trick and chapter one did not unlock. tried several times. more people report that chapter achievements not unlocking
  • Dale BaldwinDale Baldwin2,012,830
    Posted on 15 February 21 at 13:44
    I know you mention chapters there, but this game has achievement unlocks every four chapters (for each part of the story), rather than individual chapters.

    That might be what you meant, but wanted to be sure.
  • headXcrashheadXcrash167,104
    Posted on 16 February 21 at 01:36
    yes sorry, parts, not chapters. Substory Novice did not unlock also. though re-tried hat trick with saejima and it did unlock. this is dumb. i don't want to replay substories two (or more) times.
  • Posted on 16 February 21 at 20:47, Edited on 16 February 21 at 20:48 by xBCx The Pain
    I'm so very close to 100%. The only thing thats missing for me is 5x golf/fishing, pachinko trophy and rookie tournament win. I tried everything, restarting game, console, different save - i even started a brand new game and played until i could at least do the pachinko trophy, which didn't work. I'm clueless at this point. Does someone has the solution?

    Playing on xbox one x btw
  • LordMakanakiLordMakanaki2,255,385
    Posted on 18 February 21 at 08:40
    For emblem collector I needed to have 10 in my inventory for it to pop.

    For the pachino I saved before buying the trophy and had to reload and buy it again for the achievement to pop.

    Had to reload an eariler save for Karaoke though as I played all the songs with no achievement. Worked fine on the reload.
  • Posted on 24 February 21 at 20:42
    Is this easy or hard to get the 1000 for
  • b3n irlb3n irl413,736
    Posted on 25 February 21 at 21:59, Edited on 26 February 21 at 22:35 by b3n irl
    I'm having real trouble trying to get "Master in Training" to unlock. I've had Sugiyama win the tournament 5 times now by reloading, closing the game and reloading, going back to an old save and getting him up to the point where he's able to win etc.

    Everything else has been smooth sailing in terms of achievements so far but this one is a nightmare.

    Series X, for what it's worth.

    Edit: it seems that Xbox Live services were down. As soon as I opened the game this morning, the achievement popped at the menu screen.
  • lB r o IL ylB r o IL y708,355
    Posted on 09 March 21 at 00:23
    I got so many bugs Jesus.. .......
    The one for 4 and 20 substories than pachinoko trophy, 100km Total walked , karaoke sing all Songs.....
    I am kinda desperate rn I have all other yakuza games on 100% I really dont want to waste any more precious time cause I still have to play yakuza 5 and 7
  • Posted on 26 March 21 at 04:11, Edited on 26 March 21 at 04:11 by firestormworld
    Just thought I would add this here because I had issues with Way of the Pachinko King and some others at the beginning not unlocking. It appears that playing Pachinko will sometimes disable your achievements. If at any time you do play it be safe and before unlocking any achievements save and reload your game.
    Ad Victorium
  • Posted on 01 April 21 at 04:05
    I just finished Yakuza 4

    The thank you finale achievement didn’t unlock
    All the other 4 story ones unlocked
    So annoying as it’s worth a nice gamer score
    I stayed till end of credits and cut scene
    Signed in and out of Xbox live and restarted console
    Anyone else have an issue with this
    I see above there’s issues with a few
  • Posted on 16 April 21 at 15:18
    As far as i'm concerned, The part 3 achievement didn't popped. I finished the game so I really don't understand this issue.
  • BradleyHeatBradleyHeat359,314
    Posted on 03 May 21 at 03:16
    I beat the game (just a casual playthrough) and then looked and noticed it said 0/1000 so that's cool
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