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Easy Gamerscore: The 24 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm614,401
    Posted on 10 February 21 at 22:38
    Although both Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2 are included in this week's sale, they do take upwards of ten hours to complete, so they don't quite cut it as a quick completion. However, the prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, only takes between six and nine hours to complete making it a perfect candidate for our list. It also takes the crown for being the game with the highest community rating this week (4.06/5). Before the Storm has a total of 34 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. All are relatively simple to unlock and require you finding certain collectables and seeing each episode through to its conclusion. If you need it, we have a superb Life is Strange: Before the Storm walkthrough that details where to find all the various collectables and also offers the quickest route through the game.
    I agree with everything in this paragraph 100%. I would like to add a comment. Although the game can be played as a stand-alone & one can find the story interesting, it is best experienced in the context of understanding the reference to the storm in the title. In other words, I strongly recommend first playing Life is Strange. The events in Before the Storm will then accrue much more significance.

    For people looking for super-fast completions, this will add some playing time. However, it is well worth it. Life is Strange is one of the very best point & click games IMHO. The ten hours or so it takes to complete is a very good investment if a gamer’s time.
  • N30YRDN30YRD782,033
    Posted on 10 February 21 at 23:31
    Chuck710Taylor said:
    MuppeT May Cry said:
    As stupid as Shaq-Fu is, I had fun playing it.
    people always think im lying when I say this so I say it in person as much as possible. that game was one of the most fun unexpected games I played last year.
    Shaq fu was definitely a fun game, well worth a playthrough
  • Posted on 11 February 21 at 04:20
    I don’t see Destiny on the Xbone on this list. I completed it in 15 minutes.
    You ever wonder why we're here?
  • TheBongoFuryTheBongoFury974,746
    Posted on 11 February 21 at 11:22
    BlackxRyan said:
    I don't get the hate for Life is Strange BTS, I really liked it.
    Seriously? I liked both games and their stories.
  • J4CKA1J4CKA1311,400
    Posted on 11 February 21 at 16:27
    Might be nitpicky, but can we get these lists sorted in some way?
  • SincereSeeker6SincereSeeker61,043,964
    Posted on 12 February 21 at 01:09
    Probably going to get the Goosebumps on the 360. Don't see very many easy completions on the 360.
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