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Xbox game releases — February 15th to 21st

  • CrosscutSlinkyCrosscutSlinky1,077,191
    Posted on 13 February 21 at 13:45, Edited on 16 February 21 at 12:51 by CrosscutSlinky
    Conan Chop Chop ! rock

    Edit: The Microsoft store page shows the release date as the 16th of March, so one more month to wait, cry
  • Dave BodomDave Bodom2,669,391
    Posted on 14 February 21 at 15:47
    Games being tainted as easy gamerscore trash has really made people forget gaming doesnt need to be AAA blockbuster mega releases every week and that gaming can just be mindless trashy fun.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm653,390
    Posted on 14 February 21 at 16:44
    LIFTY187um said:
    What a sad page of upcoming releases...... I take it this is all 10 minute 1000 gamer score trash games?
    Void Gore's marketing tagline says, "Blast through the endless levels of hell!."
  • Clad masterClad master3,974,885
    Posted on 16 February 21 at 23:34
    Can't wait for Anodyne 2 !!!
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