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Solution for game crash

  • Posted on 15 February 21 at 00:19, Edited on 12 May 21 at 18:33 by Om
    I believe I may have found a fix.At the bottom left of your computer next to the windows button there should be a search bar.Click on it and type “env”.Then proceed to click on “edit the system environment variables”.There should now be a new window with the words system properties at the top.Click on environment variables near the bottom of the new window.Now click on the “new” that’s just above “ok” and “cancel”.Put this as your Variable name :OPENSSL_ia32cap= This as your value: :~0x20000000.Now click ok to add it.Proceed to click on ok again this time the one at the window that has the system variables on it.Now endless
    legend will work.(At least it did for me.)toastEdit:Please let me know if it works.
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  • Chyld989Chyld989663,203
    Posted on 19 April 21 at 19:50
    Just for clarification in case anyone else was a bit confuse by the lack of spaces in the above post once you're adding a new Environment Variable you want to give the variable a name of OPENSSL_ia32cap and give the variable a value of :~0x20000000
  • Posted on 01 May 21 at 12:59
    Holy crap - it worked!
  • Posted on 12 May 21 at 18:31, Edited on 12 May 21 at 18:34 by Om
    Thank you @chyld989 for clarification I have edited my post to clarify this
    Your mom says hi
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