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Making the game trivial!

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    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 21 February 21 at 18:15, Edited on 15 March 21 at 10:24 by
    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the site or even Google but I can confirm playing on custom difficulty with the below settings still allows achievements to be earned.

    Difficulty: Easy
    Item Scarcity: Abundant
    Weapon Scarcity: Abundant
    Ammo Scarcity: Abundant
    Shop Pricing: Free
    Raid Frequency: Rare
    Drake Needs: Low
    Player Permadeath: Off
    Enemy Spawn Frequency: Low

    Check the store every 10 minutes for infinite supplies, makes everything super easy and you don't have to worry about a lot of stuff in the beginning as well as having a constant supply of glowstones and other crafting materials!

    If you would like help on the game I have the majority of the checkpoints setup, best way to get in contact here:
    Want to join an achievement hunting discord?
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    Posted on 30 March 21 at 17:18
    Baby Game
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