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Sir Lovelot Xbox 1 First Time 100% Playthrough 1000GS Gameplay

  • CLARION 85CLARION 853,443,620
    Posted on 26 February 21 at 21:19
    NOTE: This is not a perfect Run/Walkthrough...i died many times searching for secrets also i had some Problems with the Game mehanics so please dont be angry about me. Just want to say this was my first Time playing it so its not the Best Video if you want the Completion fast its more a Gameplay Video.

    But it will show every Level and at the end i got all Achievements done, nothing is missable and most Achievements are story based...keep in mind that you need to collect/find 50 Geese and 100 coins so thats the only Achievements where you have to really watch out...there is a Level select if you need to go back after the End so nothing is missable.The 5 Gems are the specific Collectibles in the 3 World and the 3 lollipops you need are in the last World.
    Nothing realated to score or Time.
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