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any tips for Suicidal Running?

  • jrod39jrod39362,161
    Posted on 03 March 21 at 19:35
    I just cannot complete this challenge from Saigo. I've read that the "trick" is to use speed turns with RB+L stick, but I cannot consistently pull them off. I'm being very careful to actually move the stick directly to the right and not at an angle, but I'd say I only successful pull off a quick turn twice per lap. And of course Saigo is behind me grunting and throwing bottles, and while I can roll to dodge the bottles, I lose so much speed that he catches me and does more damage than if I just let the bottles hit me.

    This is so frustrating.
  • irwinp2irwinp2853,706
    Posted on 04 March 21 at 00:06
    For me, I used my heat action as soon as I could this gets you an easy lap. Then I like him close as when I see the animation it is easier to dodge. Finally on lap 4 I pick up the drink as it refills all, I don't believe I used speed turns - I was on normal difficulty
  • jrod39jrod39362,161
    Posted on 04 March 21 at 16:45
    Thanks irwinp2. After two more hours of frustration last night, I was finally able to complete that challenge, and your tips were very helpful. I'm going to expand on what I did a little bit here in case it helps anyone who stumbles across this thread in the same position I was in.

    I was able to use a couple of speed turns but what really did it for me was focusing on making smooth, accurate turns around the corners and rolling more in time with the bottles Saigo was throwing. I understand what you mean about seeing the animation--it seemed to me that if I timed the roll very accurately, not only did I dodge the bottle but I didn't lose any momentum and thus Saigo never made up any ground. Waiting until the fourth lap to pick up the drink was a bit nervy for me, but it worked out in the end.
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