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Xbox Game Pass gets Fallout 4, Oblivion, Prey, and nine more Bethesda titles tomorrow

  • Posted on 12 March 21 at 21:37
    Umm the turn around on announcment to delivery is awesome! Major victory with that for sure.. Add to it the fact that all of these are new to PC (Windows store/Game Pass PC).. Games like Morrowind, Obivion and the id classics in Doom,2,3,64 on there made my jaw drop...

    I got super excited about the thought of achievements for Morrowind especially and came straight here... The disappointment when a list didn't show up man.. Sad times..

    Having checked further.. Oblivion, Fallout: New Vegas and Dishonored 1 didn't get any either.. The rest that are new releases for PC like The Evil Within, Wolfenstein New Order/Old Blood, Skyrim, Fallout 4 all got new achievement lists to go with them.. The Doom games new to the platform 1,2,3,64 have all got roll in lists with the Xbox One so you can earn the same list regardless of system.. I'm surprised Oblivion didn't get a list as one exists already for it on 360 so little imagination needs to be added to that.. At least with Morrowind they would have had to spend a little bit of time coming up with a list ect... It should have been done though it would be icing on this wonderful cake if those games got lists.. I know I don't speak for just myself on that one.. First thing I though of was ah it will have a list of its own.. Nope.. Lets hope they get one in the near future..

    Hint hint bug Bethesda about it and it will happen.
  • SpybreakerSpybreaker260,937
    Posted on 12 March 21 at 22:31
    A DEAD B0DY MAN said:
    Man no one is going to buy any games anymore lol...
    This is subscription. Great if you want another thing to pay for monthly, yes I'm paying for Gold but that's all I want. Internet doesn't grow on trees where I live, where it's around trees. I'd rather have the physical copy, although I recently grabbed the doom games and Prey digitally when they went on sale, which I'd own instead of rent. Just letting you know what other people around the block might be thinking on that statement.
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  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead589,300
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 09:22
    AcaElic86 said:
    Does anyone know why Fallout 3 is not on the list? It's a great game and deserves to be part of this rock
    I was thinking the very same thing. At least there is a reason why Skyrim isn’t on the list.
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  • xenomorphsxenomorphs551,735
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 10:50
    Never played dishonoured games. Downloading them now.
  • tsu4311tsu4311204,009
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 12:54
    Couple omissions, I wonder why
  • Posted on 13 March 21 at 13:25
    Should the Fallout 4 season pass be crossplay as well?
  • snake42069snake420691,060,436
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 17:08
    Bummed dishonored PC doesn't have a stack. Never got around to the xbone version, but did nearly 1k the 360 one. Would do all dishonored when I relearned how to play, but would want to start at the beginning. Playing skyrim right now, without using console commands. I am using the alchemy loop though. It's hilarious. I broke the game, my enchantment strength is so high that I'm getting negative values, and for some reason items I'm finding have extremely high powered enchantments.
  • vG x MadnessvG x Madness560,518
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 19:40
    This is why I am loyal to Microsoft. they may disappoint on most GWG but the game pass extending every other week is the reason Sony is falling behind, hopefully one day they buy another big company (Ubisoft/Activision) etc. :) happy gamer.

    Is Rage 2 any good? I played the 1st one years ago and was gonna buy rage 2 when on sale a while back but never did haha
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  • FireDrake007FireDrake007135,039
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 20:10
    I wonder why the Quake games were never added to the Bethesda Collection. After all the Bethesda conference they used to hold every year was called QuakeCon but it seems that series has been all but forgotten.
  • Dresden N7Dresden N7480,476
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 20:55, Edited on 14 March 21 at 00:54 by Dresden N7
    Several major omissions from Bethesda's catalogue. Hopefully they will be added sometime this year.

    Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
    Doom (2016)
    Fallout 3
    The Evil Within 2
    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  • BODZ61BODZ6165,146
    Posted on 13 March 21 at 21:00
    Where is Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus?
  • Posted on 14 March 21 at 07:30
    Anybody know how to do local co-op for Doom 1993? I have a keyboard and a controller but for some reason it's recognizing them both as inputs for player 1 :/
  • Posted on 14 March 21 at 22:17
    To those wondering why they didn't add ALL Bethesda games - They probably will eventually.
  • HanxHanx956,530
    Posted on 14 March 21 at 23:27
    Be good if they updated Dishonored: Definitive Edition on PC to have achievements so I can stack it.
  • SKILLZ9096SKILLZ9096425,296
    Posted on 15 March 21 at 13:13
    I'm probably in the minority here but I would like dishonored 360 to be backwards compatible and added to gamepass. I only have 5g for it....
    Posted on 17 March 21 at 18:26
    You love to see it!

    I'm waiting for the 1 missing (new) Doom game to be added so I can play that, before starting Doom Eternal.
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