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help with final substory

  • jrod39jrod39362,739
    Posted on 15 March 21 at 22:05
    [MINOR SPOILERS] Okay this is just sooo very annoying. In the second Amon fight against Jiro, I know that I need to damage him enough to get past his health regeneration phase and into his final red heat phase but I just can't do it! I've tried different weapon heat actions, tried shooting him with guns, tried popping Tauriner like Tic Tacs and doing regular heat actions, tried grabbing him and slamming him on the ground. Nothing stops it. I've gotten him down to half his final health bar and he still pops orange heat and regenerates back to 1.5 bars. Is there something else I need to do to get him to transition? I don't see that I'm doing anything very different from the videos I've watched on YouTube.

    Every Yakuza title has some really frustrating element, whether it's a minigame or Haruka's request or the car chase scenes in Y0/YK on Legendary difficulty. This boss fight is definitely going on that list for me. All tips appreciated/welcomed. Except if you say "git gud".
  • jrod39jrod39362,739
    Posted on 15 March 21 at 22:45
    Hahahaha isn't that always the way? You post about something and then you get past it like an hour later. Here's what I did to get past him--emptied two guns into him right away to bring him down to about one health bar, then got close, grabbed him and threw him, and then used a heat action while he was down. That took him to about 75% of a health bar. Then I switched to my final gun to rebuild heat and take down his health even further, and then switched to three separate weapons to replace the guns (not that it matters, but I used an umbrella, a stun gun, and a Lotus Clan broadsword). I refilled heat with Tauriners after I used those heat actions, and I was finally able to get past Jiro. Now on to Sango and Jo!
  • jrod39jrod39362,739
    Posted on 15 March 21 at 23:01, Edited on 16 March 21 at 01:01 by jrod39
    And I beat Sango and Jo the first time I faced them so achievement unlocked. Jiro's ever-refilling health gauge was the only thing which slowed me down in the final Amon fight.
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