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Crashes every time I try a new game

  • DudeWithTheFaceDudeWithTheFace1,179,418
    Posted on 25 March 21 at 03:12, Edited on 25 March 21 at 03:13 by DudeWithTheFace
    I've started a new game like 6 times crashes each time. I'm on a series x both internal and a USB drive don't allow it to run. Anyone else? Any suggestions?
  • PirateSpiritPirateSpirit1,754,723
    Posted on 25 April 21 at 21:47
    I have been having the same problem. I was able to play for a few minutes then it crashed and it did so every time I tried to load my save after that. I had to go offline to be able to play it without it crashing. The achievements all popped within a few minutes of reconnecting to live.
  • DudeWithTheFaceDudeWithTheFace1,179,418
    Posted on 04 August 21 at 06:12
    Seems fixed
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