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Xbox Indie Showcase recap: Every game from the show detailed

  • SuperPed13SuperPed13991,396
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 07:32
    How do i explain to the wife that im playing boyfriend dungeon?
  • Posted on 28 March 21 at 09:12
    Loads to look forward to there, I think i'll wait for the sequal to Boyfriend Dungeon, GF Dungeon hopefully :P Gunna be a great year if you have GP! Expensive year if you don't.
  • Posted on 28 March 21 at 10:25
    That’s a really helpful article. Thank you!
  • dma1911dma1911228,596
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 13:56
    Holy shiteee nice list
  • HoppelHoppel160,038
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 14:39
    Thanks for the Summary.
  • Timmy LoveTimmy Love414,244
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 15:16
    I appreciate this list being compiled. I’m looking forward to a lot of these. Over the last few years I’ve gone away from playing the AAA titles and enjoy the more indie games like these so it’s exciting to see so many interesting and fun titles on the horizon.
  • VixyNyanVixyNyan1,368,954
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 17:12
    Blaster Master Zero 3 toastrockheadspin
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  • Posted on 28 March 21 at 23:23
    Was hoping we'd see something about Tunic
  • iManuBAD iTiManuBAD iT446,753
    Posted on 29 March 21 at 10:37
    - Soul of Iron
    - Art of Rally
    - The Ascent
    - 12 Minutes
    - Death's Door

    Could be interesting 🙂
    iManuBAD iT | iPlay4Fun
  • Posted on 29 March 21 at 11:37
    so excited for alchemic cutie, clouzy!, and little witch in the woods
  • VaanSaintsVaanSaints213,109
    Posted on 29 March 21 at 13:46
    I'm reaaally looking forward to Death's Door. It gives me a strong "Prinny adventure" vibe which I love it. Also is that castle boss Alexander from the FF games?!

    So many amazing games, and so little time to play and 100% them all... Joining the Green side of the Force was one of the best decision I ever made.
    Posted on 13 April 21 at 16:23
    i want to play them all.
    xbox is OP
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  • xX MOONEN XxxX MOONEN Xx210,241
    Posted on 26 April 21 at 09:04
    Wonder what the Among Us achievement list will look like
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