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Finished this on Win10 - Now unable unlock some acievements on this version?

  • ugliugli489,761
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 13:04, Edited on 28 March 21 at 14:31 by ugli
    So I grinded thru the Win10 version of this game and then started to work on this Win8 version.

    As I already have the pickaxe and map upgrades etc. I cannot unlock those achievements on this game anymore as the game forcefully updates my progress on the Win8 game so that I have them already unlocked. And this does not unlock the achievements. They are left unlocked and I cannot unlock them as the store doesn't give them to me anymore as I already have them).

    I tried wiping my progress, used local saves etc but it still somehow updates the upgrades in the middle of my new playthru.

    Any ideas how to fix this? I can't play the game offline because the achievements won't unlock or sync.
  • CosminiionCosminiion800,044
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 16:18
    You can try this: Go to App Settings and Reset. Go offline, start the game, complete the first level offline, quit the game, go online, launch it again and it should ask you which save data you want to proceed with and choose the local save data.
  • ugliugli489,761
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 20:13
    Thanks for the tip. Sadly I already tried that.

    It does give me the option to choose local or cloud save, but regardless what I choose (naturally I've tried choosing the local one after app reset) the first time I go into a bonus level or buy something from the store, it reverts to back to the state where I already had bought the upgrades. Even when everything else seems to be from a "clean slate".

    Frankly, I don't understand how this can happen.
  • CosminiionCosminiion800,044
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 21:10, Edited on 28 March 21 at 21:10 by Cosminiion
    That's very odd indeed. I suggest resetting and playing offline until you get to the point where you are offered an upgrade you need, then right at that moment when the mummy store window is open and you see the upgrade, with the game running reconnect your Internet, wait a minute and buy the upgrade.

    You should back up the game's save folder right before finishing a level prior to a mummy store level (ending in 1 and 6), so that you can revert to it if necessary and continue playing your offline save and repeat the above procedure for every upgrade you need: "C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftTreasureHunt_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState"

    Hopefully this works out for you.
  • ugliugli489,761
    Posted on 28 March 21 at 21:33
    Thank you.

    I will try that and report back.
  • ugliugli489,761
    Posted on 30 March 21 at 23:36, Edited on 30 March 21 at 23:39 by ugli
    Cosminiion said:
    That's very odd indeed.
    Ok. I had partial success and with some brainstorming of my own I managed to get this to work.

    The offline thing didn't really work as the achievements didn't unlock while I was offline/not signed in and the moment I re-connected my internet the sync thing happened.

    So after multiple torturous hours of playing, trial and error, saving, restoring backups, deleting files, restoring files, deleting the synced files and restoring older ones in their place etc. I managed to get it to work. Don't ask me how as I am still somewhat oblivious of what was the crucial part or steps.

    But basically there was couple files in the save folder that caught my interest. "XSyncedData.ark" and "SyncedData.bin.ark". I also messed around with "TreasureHuntPurchasedItems.bin.ark". (note, the contents of these files were complete gibberish and didn't provide any worthwhile information for their functions.)

    Long story short. I tried deleting either one of those files, or all of them, or two out of three and see what happens. And tried to restore some of them after the game had re-synced by overwriting them with my backups.

    Finally I managed to launch the game and get online without the re-sync overwriting the stuff (or if it did, it had somehow pulled the data I was desperately trying to keep and eventually just ended up resyncing it instead of the win10 progress). I could then start to buy the upgrades I was actually missing in this version. Few amulet "abuses" later, done.

    Thank god this nightmare is now over.

    Once again, thank you for all the help Cosminiion
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