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Xbox Spring Sale 2021

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm646,957
    Posted on 08 April 21 at 20:47
    bloodlands 666 said:
    Buggy i had 9 quid update late from sunday spent another 17 that has not caught up
    I downloaded the games on a second console hoping that would jump-start the reward. No luck.
  • Anthony AjaxAnthony Ajax211,959
    Posted on 11 April 21 at 23:45, Edited on 11 April 21 at 23:54 by Anthony Ajax
    Here’s what I bought, narrowed down from $1000 to $41 after some pricing research. It seems the Spring Sale is probably the weakest of all the big annual event sales. Summer/Christmas look to be the best from the historical sales data of the 70ish games [from] which I whittled this list down to these final ones:

    — Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    — Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY
    — Sniper Elite 3: UE
    — Witcher 3 GOTY
    — Bioshock: The Collection
    — Dead Island Definitive Collection
    Halo 2 RIP 4/15/10. Handydarkness RIP 6/20/2017.
  • Bear5 Fan 4EverBear5 Fan 4Ever2,875,226
    Posted on 13 April 21 at 22:36
    Pretty good sale this one was. Just waiting on my rewards punch card to update.
    Crackdown 3!
  • scotwolf2scotwolf22,030,204
    Posted on 14 April 21 at 08:53
    Just an update re the total for the 5k PTS not updating.
    Thankfully they have now.
    There was a delay of 5+ days from purchase to amount updating.

    Spent the 5k PTS already😂

    Stay safe and take care everyone
    Posted on 15 April 21 at 21:07
    £38 spent, only £24 tracked. Guess I'm gonna have to navigate the xbox support to try and get the 5k points owed.
    Posted on 17 April 21 at 08:17
    Anyone know how long is takes rewards support to get back to you? 2 days already and nothing...
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 25 April 21 at 14:24
    damn not the best sale, I own most of these games now
    R.I.P King Von
  • BigNev44BigNev441,936,836
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

  • BigNev44BigNev441,936,836
    Posted on 19 August 21 at 16:20
    It definitely sucks when the games are not announced but it looks like you can get it physical according to the TA page.
  • EI BikerboyEI Bikerboy454,055
    Posted on 20 August 21 at 07:35
    Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition (Base game + all ALC) now 7 GBP in the PSN Store,
    hopefully Microsoft will put the Deluxe Edition on sale as well in the Microsoft store.
    30 GBP for only the Season Pass is way too much.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 20 August 21 at 13:57
    BigNev44 said:
    It definitely sucks when the games are not announced but it looks like you can get it physical according to the TA page.
    Do you know if there was a reason given for this delisting?
  • BigNev44BigNev441,936,836
    Posted on 20 August 21 at 18:53
    100% Licensing, the agreement was probably expired and they had to stop making money of the IP
  • Posted on 08 February 22 at 00:58
    posting only so that we can clear this from our unread threads (the last post was deleted :/ )
    - But that's just my 2¢
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