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Tourist Trap Glitch - a theory

  • yossarianoyossariano451,512
    Posted on 05 April 21 at 20:27, Edited on 05 April 21 at 20:57 by yossariano
    I was trying to debug this glitched achievement and have a theory that seems credible as to the bug.

    I got hold of a savefile, renamed it .zip and expanded it to check the gamestate. I wanted to see what my 11 species planet looked like in the game data.

    Here's what it said:

    16 61 80 84 88 89 107 111 112 114 117

    Seems ok. Note the first species ID = 16.

    Now I did this:
    1. In game, clicked open the planet details for this planet
    2. Select the Population tab
    2. Hover mouse over the demographics pie chart.

    You'll see
    Current Population
    Population 74 Pops.
    Seban: ( 2 )

    Just one species (Seban) listed under the pop count.

    I suspect it's supposed to list all the species pops by count. What it is doing is just listing the first one from your file. In this case species ID 16 "Seban".

    So whatever is in charge of looping over that species array is not working. It's only returning the first entry.

    That's my theory.

    My Bug Report on their forums along with theory / screenshot and save file:
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