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Easy Gamerscore: The 21 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales

  • FiveWizzFiveWizz425,799
    Posted on 07 April 21 at 15:49
    Falensarano said:
    FiveWizz said:
    Bear with Me is fine. It's the same as any other point and click game. Same quality of story and gameplay as any others in my opinion. No achievement issues
    I found it was poorly constructed and the interface is terrible. Dialogue is overdone and kept cutting out. If you like point and click, there are 100 better ones out there.
    Fair enough. Maybe just because I wanted it for achievements I found it quite simple/acceptable. The only point and click adventures I actually enjoy for a challenge is Broken Sword. Wish we could get a new one.
  • FiveWizzFiveWizz425,799
    Posted on 07 April 21 at 18:12
    Fyre Insyde said:
    FiveWizz said:
    Fyre Insyde said:
    Just commenting to give another plug for The Last Campfire. A beautiful game both inside and out. Left me with a lot of feels that lingered long after I earned the 1K. I'm glad that I listened to other people on here who encouraged me to pick it up, so I'm paying those good vibes forward now.

    FiveWizz said:
    Also does any know if Last Campfire Achievements issues have been patched? I really can't be arsed these days with trying to do work around for achievements and replays etc.
    I very recently completed this (~2-3 months ago) and had absolutely zero issues either with unlocking all of the achievements or progressing through the game. Runs perfectly with no bugs or issues to speak of.
    Thanks so much. Appreciate that. Will buy it in this sale then. Were their any missable Achievements? Cheers in advance!
    I don't believe any are missable as I think you can backtrack to earlier areas for the collectibles and such. I used this guy's walkthrough for an easy, clean run. He picks up every collectible in the game (though you don't even need them all to get all the achievements, as there's no achievement tied to getting every last collectible). Hope this helps. I've used his channel for several indie games and have always had great success. Definitely worth subscribing!
    Great. Thanks a lot. I've put the walkthrough into my watch later list. Thanks for the info. And game recommendation.
  • Rista BRista B580,982
    Posted on 08 April 21 at 17:36
    Watty8883 said:
    No this isn't the 21 quickest game completions from the latest Xbox sales when several games are missed out in favour of ten hour completions like Life is Strange: Before The Storm and Batman: The Enemy Within.

    What about Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes, at a bargain price, 3-4 hrs . Indiecalypse, Save Your Nuts, Lumini all 2-3 hrs ?
    It does seem like more often than not there are a few games that slip through vs. what are listed in the article. I picked up Edna & Harvey and it's not listed here.
  • Rigpig1919Rigpig1919213,499
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 08:32
    Black the Fall is a really enjoyable game as well as an easy completion. Much better than the usual cheap stuff.
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