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Xbox game releases — April 12th to 18th

  • CanezzaCanezza202,249
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 13:10
    Next week is rather quiet in terms of new releases coming to the Xbox platform. Just six games launch for Xbox consoles and Windows 10, including a Windows 10 port of Xitilon's Smart Moves.

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  • Posted on 09 April 21 at 13:14
    Knight squad 2 looks a bit of me.
  • MeszerusMeszerus514,591
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 13:29
    I didn't know Rain on Your Parade was coming to Xbox, I've only seen it briefly but it looked like a good laugh. Will be looking forward to that!
  • SuperAwesomezSuperAwesomez1,048,457
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 13:36
    Really looking forward to Rain on Your Parade looks like some light fun and mischief which I could do with!
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  • KingyOwlKingyOwl562,237
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 14:18
    I enjoyed the original Knight Squad when it was on GwG. Won't be playing 2 straight away but will keep my eye out for a sale or if it gets added to GP down the line.
  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,481,657
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 15:10
    I just checked Knight Squad 1 as I remember doing it & found that was 5 years ago shock wth
  • The CherishedThe Cherished1,712,056
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 15:43
    I'm legit excited to play through Smart Moves again. That game was a lot of fun, with the exception of those bomb levels. I never quite understood the logic behind them and had to brute force them all out.
  • WcG iFredy29WcG iFredy29649,005
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 20:10
    As much as I enjoyed the first Knight Squad, won't rush to buy it, played the Beta for the second and just feels like the same game.
    -WcG iFredy29
  • SchinderdivSchinderdiv770,013
    Posted on 09 April 21 at 20:26
    I have Rain On Your Parade pre-installed via the Game Pass app. Can't wait! Looks like a ton of fun!
    If you have to ask, you're streets behind.
    Posted on 10 April 21 at 12:58
    The first one to me was a bit challenging on getting 100% achievements unlocked. I might do the 2nd if I can see an easy way to complete it. Not worth it to me on that type of game. I remember the 1st game being frustrating.
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