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Big Red Button achievement unobtainable(?)

  • Posted on 17 April 21 at 16:44
    So I did a playthrough as the Crisis and build the aether engine thing and blew up the universe - but no achievement unlocked. As no one has this achievement on xbl it seems to be broken. Can anyone confirm?
  • SFK GenusSFK Genus1,165,131
    Posted on 17 April 21 at 18:26
    Part way through a nemesis playthrough now. If I try for big red button I'll let you know.
    SFK Genus
  • SFK GenusSFK Genus1,165,131
    Posted on 18 April 21 at 02:35
    Tried it, did what I thought should pop the achievement (built the engine, exploded the universe same as you) no achievement pop for me either. Not sure if the description is correct or if the achievement is just broken at the moment.
    SFK Genus
  • Posted on 18 April 21 at 06:09
    Thanks for confirming. This achievement is confirmed to be broken on steam, so it's quite likely broken in the Windows Store version aswell. Guess we have to wait for a patch.
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