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Xbox Game Pass loses a quick completion and five more games soon

  • J2B9J2B91,080,290
    Posted on 24 April 21 at 15:50
    notoriousJMZ said:
    Player246785740 said:
    Does it mean they will be moved off xCloud streaming too even if you own those games?
    Yeah I think once the game is removed from the service, the ability to stream it via xCloud is also lost even if you buy the game.
    Would be a nice feature to have games you own (or at least some) always available to stream.
    Well you can stream any game you own with remote play the only real difference is you're streaming to your own console as opposed to Microsoft's xClouds servers.
  • ZalexzyZalexzy2,431,588
    Posted on 27 April 21 at 07:27
    taximike said:
    Finally finished moving out. Well made game but very annoying to play. Must be leaving 27th or 28th as that's a year after it joined.
    Oi! Sherlock!

    App says leaving April 30.
    Any problem solved is a new problem made.
  • Apostle92627Apostle92627572,358
    Posted on 27 April 21 at 17:14
    It took me sub 30 minutes to complete Fractured Minds and a couple hours to complete Endless Legends.
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