Game Discussion: Rain on Your Parade

Dryspell Canyon Achievement Glitched?

  • JuanmaEiroaJuanmaEiroa718,081
    Posted on 25 April 21 at 15:48
    I've completed the level in NG+ without getting hit and in the time limit several times now, got a screenshot of the endlevel results; but the achievement never popped for me. Anyone else having the same issue?
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,092,672
    Posted on 25 April 21 at 18:08
    Are you doing it legit or using the trick where you just run out of water right at the start? The latter has seemingly been patched out.
  • M317M317852,373
    Posted on 27 April 21 at 19:22, Edited on 27 April 21 at 22:47 by M317
    Has it been patched on both PC and Console or just console?

    Looks like its patched on both.
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