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Xbox Sale Roundup: May 4th, 2021

  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,921,049
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 01:19
    Didn't expect to the the new Two Point Hospital dlc on sale. I guess no-one can complain about dlc never going on sale...
  • Posted on 04 May 21 at 01:19
    Has anyone actually played A Summer with the Shiba Inu for the story/atmosphere? How is it, and how long is the story?

    On a related note, if you suggestions for other lighthearted peaceful games like Coffee Talk, i'm open to suggestions.
  • Posted on 04 May 21 at 01:32
    Massive DLC sale with acceptable pricing. Love it.
  • gtbikegtbike669,535
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 01:42
    The last remaining Gears 3 dlc, Control season pass, Lego Worlds dlc, Payday 2: Crimewave Collection...looking at potentially picking up a lot from this sale and I just bought the KH3 dlc from the Golden Week sale. These last two weeks will have end up being brutal on the wallet.
  • Rista BRista B743,974
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 01:52, Edited on 04 May 21 at 01:52 by Rista B
    DLC never seemed like a great deal to me but the prices seem to have gone even higher or the discounts are worse maybe due to the infrequent sales for lots of DLC. I'll focus on gold/complete editions or just skip it entirely.
  • Posted on 04 May 21 at 02:02
    I'm disappointed that the cities skylines dlc is the same as if you have a gamepass subscription. I am also disappointed by the industry moving more and more towards 2 season passes containing achievements. (Glaring at you Borderlands 3 and Zombie Army 4)
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm590,932
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 02:33
    A bunch of Star Trek games but no Star Wars games. facepalm
  • Ryuukishi634Ryuukishi634699,151
  • LausDominiLausDomini2,258,029
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 03:32
    Added Shiba Inu to my growing pile of quick games that I am saving to play all at once for some reason! Tempted to use my turbo controller on Skycadia too.
  • Posted on 04 May 21 at 03:35
    page is a bit of mess. "Read Dead Redemption 2" isn't actually the game as linked here, but is a discount for Red Dead online.
    Also, never saw the Star Wars games noted on TA for the annual "May the 4th" sale...
  • Julz D 01Julz D 01599,280
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 03:35
    Za4 sp2 dlc on sale finally
  • atryeu1atryeu1381,435
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 04:28
    Hmm, guess I'll just look at the MS site tomorrow for the 360 games on sale this week. Nothing posted still and the page is such a cluttered mess it's hard to read it this week anyway, plus that Sales page filter is still broken for 360 2 months later. I miss when TA had 360 sales on it's own page :(
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm590,932
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 04:41
    Warhammer 40k - Inquisitor DLC The Prophesy on sale. Usually cheaper to buy the Gold Edition to get this one.
  • VasKainVasKain633,899
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 04:45
    Julz D 01 said:
    Za4 sp2 dlc on sale finally
    Had been waiting for this one as well!
  • SkinfasstSkinfasst444,213
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 05:41
    Star Wars tables for Pinball FX3 are also on sale.
  • PirateRyanGPirateRyanG197,688
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 05:46
    Picked up the Lego Worlds DLC for 17kr or something. Not too bad to round out that game.

    Then Final Fantasy IX and VII in the sale.

    IX because it is leaving Game Pass in a few days.

    VII because I have no doubt it will leave Game Pass within a month or two.
  • K1LL3R BEEZK1LL3R BEEZ691,571
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 06:47
    Thinking about Control season pass but the ultimate edition seems tempting. How is it on Series X? Still buggy?
  • TymanTheLongTymanTheLong476,588
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 07:18
    Fair warning:

    Immortals Fenyx Rising, the base game is really, really exceptional.

    However the Season Pass is absolute garbage. They just released the final DLC and 2 are extremely bad and one is a questionable reskin.

    Do NOT buy the Season Pass for Immortals: Fenyx Rising!
  • thatNoseyParkerthatNoseyParker1,486,766
    Posted on 04 May 21 at 07:58
    Ahh FFS. I bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and bought AC Black Flag's season pass when it was only 50%, thinking expensive for how old it was but it hadnt been on sale for years...

    Now here we are and it's finally a respectable £3.99 -.- grrr
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