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Xbox walkthroughs published — April 1st to 30th

  • RobboJDA96RobboJDA9618,988
  • Pmalone6Pmalone6315,046
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:15
    I've been playing Jurassic World Evolution and it's excellent - not nearly as scary as the ratios would make it seem and if you are a fan of sim games it's a must play (also was free with GWG a little while back)
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  • o Heres Jonny oo Heres Jonny o1,298,506
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:15
    Pikuniku and jurrasic world. Played the latter a while back not got a clue what I was doing.
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  • torrens7760torrens7760141,422
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:16
    I'm using the FF9 walkthrough, it's super useful!
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  • EthigyEthigy821,240
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:23
    Thanks to everyone who put in the time to make these! Need to start making more WTs myself.
  • Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:31
    Missed these articles. I very much appreciate the walkthrough contributors on this site!!
  • Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:33
    Thanks to all the creators!!
  • iManuBAD iTiManuBAD iT200,821
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:37
    Nice idea and thanks for sharing it.
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  • Posted on 07 May 21 at 20:59, Edited on 07 May 21 at 21:13 by ElDiabloLoco90
    How the hell do you get all of Final Fantasy IX's achievements in ONE playthrough?

    Edit: After reading the guide, I learned that there are cheats. I wasn't aware of that. I only knew about the boosters and that those disable achievements.
  • NO1KEVNO1KEV2,270,207
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 21:23
    I use some of the walkthrough's but not a big fan of having a you tube video as walkthrough and nothing else just seems kinda lazy. (plus you tube app is utter shite n slow on my x1!)
  • KingyOwlKingyOwl508,343
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 21:33
    Wow, a lot of effort has gone into that Jurassic World walkthrough, I’ve never seen such detail!

    I usually like that genre of game but something about JWE just appears too intimidating, to be honest the amount of info on the walkthrough doesn’t change that!
  • Posted on 07 May 21 at 21:44
    I finished up JWE last year, but skipped on the "hard" difficulty achievements. Might just have to go back and clean them up now that there's a guide for it all.
  • Stevo6483Stevo6483275,939
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 21:53
    How on earth can FF9 have such a broad completion time (30 to 100 hours)? Is one time with the speed booster and one without?
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  • Derrty NTDerrty NT231,901 231,901 GamerScore
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 21:56
    Great idea ! thanks for the hard work
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  • FiveWizzFiveWizz464,423
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 22:19
    Great article! Thanks to the creators!
  • notoriousJMZnotoriousJMZ361,664
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 22:31
    This is really great 👍
  • nuxx aunuxx au619,462
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 22:36
    Why not thank the authors regardless of whether you might use the walkthrough personally?

    It's what I do - I'm still thankful for them and appreciate the time and effort the authors have invested. Any walkthroughs published in the past few years need to meet the pretty high standards enforced by TA.
  • grinandXBOXgrinandXBOX498,163
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 22:44
    Thank you to all of the walkthrough authors! We truly appreciate all of your hard work putting these together!
  • GarnitoroGarnitoro148,118
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 23:12, Edited on 07 May 21 at 23:14 by Garnitoro
    What a bunch of absolute legends! Thank you so much to the creators (and the editors/supervisors/moderators) for the hard work!

    Edit: Also, thank you Robbie for posting this. Seeing a post on the front page highlighting community contributions is always lovely to see!
  • KrazieKrazie2,369,828
    Posted on 07 May 21 at 23:41, Edited on 07 May 21 at 23:42 by Krazie
    This is a really great feature for the front page, hope to see it monthly!
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