Game Discussion: Steins;Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram

Does this game not show on your gamercard?

  • DarkB1ade XDarkB1ade X635,771
    Posted on 20 May 21 at 01:23
    Just tried to view it on my Xbox One gamercard, as well as on the website and various apps, but for some reason this Steins;Gate game alone doesn't display when the other 2 show up in my recently played games. I know it shows on Xbox 360 and it tracks the achievements on this site, but it seems like a weird bug that not even booting up the game up won't let the game be recognized to be displayed in my game history.
  • StrayedViperStrayedViper3,834,817
    Posted on 20 May 21 at 03:05
    This is true for this game. Same goes for Air conflicts Vietnam.
  • DarkB1ade XDarkB1ade X635,771
    Posted on 20 May 21 at 03:32
    Ah bummer, wanted to have all 3 lined up, but I guess it is good to know it wasn't an issue on my end.
  • The CherishedThe Cherished2,418,578
    Posted today at 02:04
    They still haven't fixed this three years later. Strange since it's backwards compatible and all...
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