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    Posted on 27 May 21 at 02:11
    Please use this thread to discuss the No Man's Sky walkthrough.
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  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes941,012,961
    Posted on 28 October 21 at 08:24
    If it wasn't for Permadeath, I'd be on this yesterday. Awesome guide though!
    Posted on 20 December 21 at 03:40
    Just finished the game using your guide! Thanks so much for taking the time on the guide, followed it all the way through :)

    I do want to point out one thing I had trouble with which was regarding collecting nanities to purchase the S-Class Scanner for the multi-tool. I found that the nexus missions were quite tedious (especially playing solo missions) which only offered roughly 200-300 nanities. I personally had a much easier time just scanning animals which offered 50 nanities each once uploaded in the discoveries page. And if I found some exotic planets that would net me 250 nanities with the 1 scan completion bonus.

    Also not sure if others will encounter this issue but figured I'd bring it up. On my Permadeath run when trying to reach the galactic core. The very last planet away I had to travel to a Green star which required an Emeril drive. And that was somewhat of an obstacle because it required the previous drives as well (Cadmium & Indium drives).
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