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Square Enix Presents airing June 13th at E3 2021

  • DeathHuntsUsDeathHuntsUs292,098
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 09:09
    Square Enix Presents will be returning this year at E3 2021 and features a world premiere from Eidos Montreal — Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe? We'll also see updates on Life is Strange: True Colors and Marvel’s Avengers...

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    Posted on 04 June 21 at 10:23
    I love Square Enix and most of their games; but since 70% of the time they buddy up with Playstation and 30% of the time with Nintendo; it doesn’t leave much for Xbox. And therefore their presentations always come with a catch; for me at least.
  • FleshMechanicCZFleshMechanicCZ1,369,416
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 10:23
    Deus Ex is the only thing I want to see from these guys.
  • gtbikegtbike538,887
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 10:29
    I really thought this Square Enix Presents at E3 was going to focus more on their Japanese side of studios, especially since they did one for their Western studios not too long ago.
  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n1,503,731
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 10:32
    Deus Ex or fuck off with your Sony relationship and half-assed live service games.
  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan813,606
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 10:34
    I want the new Deus Ex and maybe some info on FF XVI, I don't care about the rest.
  • ronnie42ronnie42426,811
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 11:20
    Probably plans to make to Avengers free to play due to the backlash. Just shame Sony are holding Spiderman hostage.
    Doom rocks
  • Rista BRista B629,465
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 12:29
    I didn't realize that Square Enix was putting so much focus on Marvel games. And after the last two Life is Strange games I don't think I'm coming back to this franchise even in the likely event it's available on Gamepass. Can only put up with so much bad writing/dialogue and boring gameplay for free score.
  • Posted on 04 June 21 at 12:56
    Enix was my favourite game company as a kid. They always made the best RPG´s.
  • grizzly861grizzly861317,821
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 14:10
    Just make another Just Cause game already, Just Cause 1-4 are completed and the story got actually good in 3 and 4... don't care about the random games in that list.
  • BAE 10BAE 10802,868
    Posted on 04 June 21 at 19:31, Edited on 04 June 21 at 19:33 by BAE 10
    Hopefully more FF16 info but sucks its only for PS5 so far. I hope the rumored souls-like FF Origin is true but its also only PS5 :/ I really want FF1-6 to be ported to xbox or at least one of those to get an HD-2D remake for now.

    But this is Square we’re talking about so almost 100% of their announcements at E3 will be for PS5 and mobile phones.
  • Bradyguy99Bradyguy99319,463
    Posted on 07 June 21 at 06:33
    Unlikely but a Kingdom Hearts game could be cool...
  • Posted on 08 June 21 at 12:42
    War for Wakanda - LET'S GOOO!
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