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Series S and limited internet access

  • CrouchZCrouchZ84,958
    Posted on 06 June 21 at 06:53, Edited on 06 June 21 at 06:54 by CrouchZ
    I've been planning to take my new Series S to the place whith limited internet access. I will have like up to 2GB bandwidth per month max. Is it real to set up xbox for lowest possible bandwidth consumption (no updates etc), just so i can earn some achievements (in single player games only) without fearing to lose progress playing in offline mode. Or it's not realistic at all, because I heard that xbox consuming data even being idle? Maybe somebody had such experiences?
  • MsrossMsross811,491
    Posted on 06 June 21 at 08:33
    Not realistic at all..

    the xbox needs to be connected for its usual DRM checks, otherwise you'll be looking at a plastic box, Games which are not the most recent wont start at all unless updated.

    You'll then have background syncing of game progress to the cloud - granted not a lot of data but small chunks out of the 2Gb per month, considering every update to that save will be updated.

    Then theres usual configuration stuff that xbox performs.
    Just loking at my own Series S usage for the past hour as I was playing : 6Mb - thats not a lot, but that 2Gb is probably going to be shared with phone usage, & you'll zip through that in a week.
  • CrouchZCrouchZ84,958
    Posted on 06 June 21 at 18:24
    thanks for reply. Sad news. Looks like I'm stuck with my Retroarch setup and back catalog of OG games than. That's a shame xbox is so unreliable in regards to offline gaming. PS4 works just fine for offline trophy hunting, MS realy dropped the ball here.
  • MsrossMsross811,491
    Posted on 06 June 21 at 21:32, Edited on 06 June 21 at 21:33 by Msross
    So does the Bone (which is comparable to the PS4)

    the PS5, comparable to the Series... Just the way things have moved on.
  • Tatl360Tatl360314,357
    Posted on 11 June 21 at 05:13
    I think it is possible.
    Obviously downloads are not possible with just 2GB, even on the Xbox 360.
    You also gave up on youtube etc with that amount.

    Can't you buy extra mobile data packs? 10, 20 GB?

    For unlocking achievements it will be possible. But it depends in how you use the internet for other things. For the Xbox alone it is possible.
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